5 Weekly Work From Home Footwear


Akshit Sharma

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Many of us always wondered how it would feel when the day where the earth stood still came, well we experienced something similar to this pandemic. Didn't we?

The lot of us are still adjusting to this new work from home situation, our daily routine has done a complete 180. We used to wake up, get ready for work, have breakfast, and leave. Even so, we still dress at home, but we believe that it has a different meaning at least psychologically. All our routine plays a significant role in our efficiency. Wearing professional attire at home while working helps boost your productivity as it puts you in that mindset. This may not work for all but most people feel more confident when they are dressed well. This helps them be motivated and do more productive, quick, and efficient work.

Let’s discuss a five weekly work from footwear as if we were going to work:

  1. Monday: The dreaded Mondays bring the blues with them. It’s time to do away with the blues. Dress up to the nines and let your shoes speak for you. Getting ready for office, on a bright and blue Monday morning, pull out your formal dress shoes like a pair of oxfords or brogues. The silent power and sophistication they provide is the one you cannot miss.

  2. Tuesday: You have successfully beaten the Monday blues with power and sophistication. It’s now for some tango Tuesday. The second day of the working week, you are up and about for meetings all day long. Dressing up is important but so is being comfortable. Choose shoes that are made of pure leather for men to maintain the air of class and chic, but let the comfort set in a bit. This wonderful combination of class and comfort can be found with a pair of handcrafted leather monk straps. They combine the old world charm with the modern man’s necessities.

  3. Wednesday: The middle of the week is often the calmest time. Not many meetings or running around. Just your usual in-office work and maybe a lunch or two. I feel it’s time to dial down to business casuals and that will include a pair of special handcrafted leather shoes for men like leather loafers. Available in multiple colors and designs, they will give your ensemble a perfect business casual chic and allow you to work comfortably, no matter your profession.

  4. Thursday: Thursday’s brings the anticipation of the weekend coming closer. Work is a little slow, you want to be comfortable with yourself and yet not too casual. We feel it’s time for some slip-on mules. They are your go-to shoes for all seasons. They are sleek, functional and stylish, specially handcrafted leather shoes for men. You can also turn Thursdays to jeans-kurta days at work, let the ethnicity play-out a bit.

  5. Friday: Finally the weekend is here. Today is the day of giddy excitement. Less work, more anticipation of the fun waiting for you at the end of the day. Friday shoes need to be available in varieties and should be comfortable yet be both smart yet casual. This is where our leather sneakers come into play. The shine of the leather gives them an elegance and the look and feel helps your playful side stay excited.
Hope this helps you overcome your lockdown blues and makes you feel like you are getting ready for work. We know how much a pair of shoes can help improve your mood. A pair of shoes is like your own best friend with your little secrets of the emotions attached.

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