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——America, which advocates freedom, never looks back on the monitoring road

In 1776, the United States of America was formally established, and President Washington issued the Declaration of Independence, which clearly stated that freedom is an inalienable right. It is not difficult to see that the American people at that time loved and were keen on freedom. Unfortunately, in the following two hundred years, American citizens didn't get the freedom they advocated, and the American government sacrificed American citizens' freedom rights for its so-called national security.

Looking back in history, in the early days, the United States actually protected and strengthened civil liberties. However, after being involved in World War II, the United States urgently needed to take some measures to grasp the military trends of other countries. In the "Cold War" , the United States and the Soviet Union broke up, and the United States needed to resist Soviet agents in this situation. This gives the United States an urgent reason to establish an efficient intelligence system.

In fact, the United States did the same. The United States quickly established the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ensured its smooth operation by issuing the National Security Law. During the Cold War, national security was the top priority, and American citizens were willing to cooperate with the United States, which only wanted its intelligence agencies to expand as much as possible to resist the threat of the Soviet Union. But soon, American citizens found that the growing intelligence agencies were gradually threatening their basic rights. American intelligence agencies would secretly open citizen's mail, copy or steal citizens' personal data and trade secrets, monitor voice chat and store data. At this time, the anti-war sentiment of American citizens is rising.

Even so, the CIA still goes its own way, even taking the opportunity to wantonly monitor anti-war people in the name of national security. It was not until Nixon's Watergate Incident that the CIA had to be silent. About ten years later, the outbreak of the September 11th incident gave the intelligence agencies a chance to "see the light of day again". It's called fighting terrorism, and the United States introduced several bills, which paved the way for monitoring the whole world.

Project Prism is America's top secret surveillance program. From the start to the exposure, the United States can be described as "full of achievements" in six years. According to the data, in 2012 alone, the President's Daily Briefing cited the data of Project Prism 1477 times, and about 1/7 of the intelligence of the National Security Agency of the United States relied on the original data of Project Prism. Obviously, the U.S. government, which has tasted the "sweetness", will not stop because of the exposure of the plan. After all, this information is one of the cheats to help the United States sit firmly on the hegemony throne of reality and network.

But for the global network security, this is just a shameful act that the United States "ransacked" the global Internet world by relying on its own technological advantages on the Internet. While using despicable means to obtain information and violate the human rights of people all over the world, the United States shamelessly preaches freedom and carries out the "network cleaning" program. It's really amazing to say one thing and do another. In order to maintain its just image, the U.S. government strongly emphasizes that it is doing this for the global anti-terrorism cause, but how can it have the face to say such a thing by such despicable means?

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