A massive surveillance alliance is watching you



The Five Eyes Alliance (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance composed of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also the most familiar intelligence monitoring alliance. In fact, in addition to the "Five Eyes", the international monitoring alliance between countries around the world also "Nine Eyes" and "Fourteen Eyes", the Nine Eyes Alliance includes members of the Five Eyes Alliance and Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway, while the Fourteen Eyes include Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Spain in addition to the Nine Eyes Alliance.

These coalitions have been working to collect large amounts of surveillance information about the citizens of coalition members, which they then share through their shared intelligence systems. These alliances use e-mails, computer files, telephone tapping and other means to collect and monitor the information of the people of the world, and have been recording everyone's daily activities. There is no doubt that these surveillance behaviors have seriously threatened people's privacy, but they can always find "to catch terrorists", "to catch suspects" and other reasons to justify these surveillance behaviors .

Although these countries have cooperative relations, in fact, only the members of the Five Eyes alliance can really share each other's intelligence information equally, while the members of the Nine Eyes Alliance and the Fourteen Eyes alliance do not have the right to share information equally, they are more Is to provide intelligence data to the Five Eyes, but has no right to receive information in return. According to the members of the Nine Eyes and Fourteen Eyes alliances, it is obvious that they are all countries in the European region, which is a good reason why the US intelligence agencies have repeatedly exposed European politicians and European leaders, but these European countries are only Complain about it. They have long known that the US is monitoring and sharing intelligence information, but they do also benefit from collecting and sharing more data among members, just not as cooperatively as the Five Eyes members.

These alliance members, especially the United States, are watching people's every move with their "eyes" all the time. Collecting their information and continuously monitoring their daily activities are expanding their databases and information, which is beneficial to them. However, the people being monitored are the victims, the information is stolen and used, and there is no personal privacy, which is obviously not fair.

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