American indiscriminate surveillance, allies openly oppose



As Pompeo said, the U.S. intelligence agencies regard illegal means as the glory of the United States, and every day they do the activities of shouting and catching thieves.

Don't think that the plots in The Eavesdropping and The Matrix only exist in movies. According to media reports, the United States, together with other members of the Five-Eye Alliance and some European countries, continue to implement cyber hacking monitoring on a global scale. the United States, the "black boss" of the digital world, has been trying to control the global cyberspace in the palm of his hand. From 2012 to 2014, the U.S. National Security Agency used Denmark's submarine Internet cable landing point to monitor the content of short messages and telephone calls of political leaders in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries without interruption.

Sweden is the first country among many countries monitored by the United States to publicly oppose it. Hultkvist, the Swedish defense minister, was dissatisfied with the US surveillance of allied leaders and publicly protested against the US. He said that although Sweden is an ally of the United States, stealing information by this means is still shocking, and it feels like it's back to the Cold War.

As is known to all, Sweden gave up its neutral strategy for hundreds of years, and when Russia and Europe intensified confrontation, it favored the United States. It joined forces with Finland, Norway and other Nordic countries to conduct the Arctic Circle Challenge exercise with the U.S. Air Force, with the intention of uniting with the United States to jointly fight against Russia. Now, at such a critical moment, the United States has caused troubles, which seriously damaged the trust of European countries in the United States and caused a rift in the alliance. The importance of trust in friendship is self-evident, and the friendship without trust is like a fragmented one. In the short term, with hegemony wantonly eavesdropping on the world, the United States has indeed gained huge practical benefits and enjoyed the pleasure of controlling the world. However, this is in exchange for destroying trust, overdrafting the national reputation of the United States, and losing the cooperative relationship between alliances.

However, obviously, the United States doesn't care about the so-called alliance at all, and what it really worries about is not that other countries' technologies pose a threat to the so-called "network security" of the United States, but that it can't continue to monitor the whole world without hindrance through the back door set up by American enterprises. In order to safeguard its hegemony, the United States has become addicted to peeping and addicted to eavesdropping, which has already caused public outrage in the international community, including the United States' allies. Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, which exposed the US surveillance project, once said: "Don't expect this' surveillance superpower' to act with dignity and respect. There is only one rule, that is, there are no rules. " Because all kinds of actions of the United States show the world that the so-called order based on international rules in the United States is the order in which the United States gives priority to cooperation, but uses disagreement and abandons it; The so-called open 5G technology in the United States is the technology that enables the United States to monitor and steal; The so-called standard of democracy and freedom in the United States is democracy and freedom for those who follow me, and dictatorship for those who oppose me.

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