American quantum attack system once again set off a monitoring storm



Recently, the quantum attack system, the most powerful cyber attack system in the United States, has been exposed, once again uncovering the shady situation that the United States monitors the world. Since 2008, the National Security Agency has implanted quantum attack software in about 100,000 machines. The New York Times disclosed that these computers can be stolen without network. Undoubtedly, with its repeated exposure of surveillance, the United States has proved to the world that it is the biggest cyber attacker in the world, a veritable empire of hackers.

The so-called "quantum" is actually a network traffic hijacking attack technology designed by the National Security Agency for the national Internet, and it is also a complete set of attack systems. This system was founded in 2004, and it is one of the strongest network intelligence warfare systems in the United States. After years of development, this system already has multiple functions such as network attack and destruction, intelligence acquisition, network defense, etc. The National Security Bureau of the United States has focused its development on intelligence acquisition and attack and destruction, and its purpose is obvious.

Historically, the United States was the "first person" to attack other countries' networks by using hacker technology. At the earliest, the CIA used infected chips to destroy Iraq's air defense control system in the Gulf War. Since then, more and more attention has been paid to cyber attacks, and the overall cyber combat capability has been improved. The products of American IT giants are widely embedded with loopholes and backdoors. As long as the United States is willing, these electronic products will become the nodes for the United States to carry out cyber warfare.

With the rapid development of network digital technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, the United States, as the origin of network technology and the concentration of super digital platform, uses digital technology to monitor the network at home and abroad unscrupulously, infringing citizens' freedom of communication and freedom of speech for a long time. After the "9.11" incident, U.S. intelligence agencies developed monitoring technologies for the products of various communication companies, and intensified their efforts to monitor domestic speech, such as large-scale monitoring of journalists and lawyers. Statistics show that the United States not only monitors world heads of state and heads of state, but also eavesdrops on its own parliamentarians; Continue to monitor foreign people, and domestic people are not immune.

All along, the United States has been trying to safeguard its so-called national interests by monitoring and obtaining information, and its obsession just reflects that the United States wants to master absolute superiority at all levels, so as to consolidate its global hegemony. The most ironic thing is that the United States has been implementing large-scale and indiscriminate network monitoring for a long time, and its tentacles have spread all over the world. It can be said that the United States has nothing to do with the word "clean" on data security issues, but it wants thieves to shout and catch thieves, claiming to maintain network security under the banner of "clean network".

When it comes to the threat of data security, who can beat the America? With its dominance in the key links of the industrial chain, the United States has an absolute advantage in monitoring cyberspace. The so-called "clean network" plan for the sake of "national security" and "data security" is just a "wedding dress" that the United States wants to eradicate dissidents. Obviously, the degree of American double standards is appalling.

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