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benefits from doing strength training for body

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The benefits of flexing exercise is to help relax the muscles and maintain joint function. The more you have a good flexibility, the movement of the body becomes easier and more comfortable.

Examples of physical activity for flexibility are stretching, gymnastics, and yoga. Do as much as 3-7 times per week with a duration of about 60 minutes. You can insert this flexibility exercise before and after other exercises.
Exercises to train strength

The benefits of this strength training are:

Helps maintain muscle strength
Strengthens bones
Keep body shape

You can do enough strength training 2-3 times per week to get the benefits. Examples of activities you can do is weightlifting, push ups, sit ups, and other physical exercises that provide loading. You can do this activity as much as 8-12 repetitions in 1-3 sets.

For example if you want to do push up 2 sets with 8 repetitions. That means, you will push up as many as 8 times, then pause. Then passed the second set of push ups 8 times.

Although useful for muscle strength, does not mean this exercise is only to build muscle to be sturdy. Both men and women need to train their muscle strength. Suppose you want to play badminton and give a strong smash on the opponent. Well, without you exercising your muscle strength it will be hard to do those extra powerful moves.

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