Newbie, Female
Of times you've been in love? one.
Of girls you have kissed? none.
Of boys you have kissed? one.
People you would classify as trust your life with type of friends? two.
Of times your name has appeared in a newspaper? no idea.
Of scars on your body? a couple.
Of things in your past you regret? a few.
Of times you've been asked out? only like 3. the other times don't count bc they were on nex and stuff.. fail.
Of times you've asked someone out? none.

Actor/actress: i have NO knowledge when it comes to actors/actresses.
Least favorite day: wednesday
Jewelry: necklace from zac/ring from my aunt.
Summer/winter: summer. for sure. winter is annoying.

Person who last:
Slept in your bed: mee.
Saw you cry: duno.
Sent you an email: honestybox.
Texted you: zac.

Have you:
Said "I love you" and meant it? yes.
Went out in public in PJs? yep.
Kept a secret from everyone? yeahh.
Been to New York? i wish.
To California? yeah.

When was your...?
Last cigarette: never ever.
Last cry: saturdayish.
Last phone call: i never call people lol.
Last regret: hmmmm.
Last shower: this morning.
Last dream: last night.
Last time being completely happy: summer.

What was the...?
Last book you read: uhh breaking dawn.
Last curse word you uttered: not sure.
Last beverage you drank: iced tea.
Last food consumed: cheese rice!
Last TV show you watched: who's line is it anyway.. before that it's been 3 weeks since i've watched tv!
Last thing in your past you regret? not too much.
Last shoes worn: converse.
Last cd played: slipknot.
Last thing written (not typed): planning thing.
Last IM from: shelby? i dont know lol.

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