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Tracy Theirry

Newbie, Female
Have a great look on background of Calvin-Vin

About Calvin Vin- Calvin Vin is playing an important role in the marketing field as a strategic manager, currently a sales and marketing training master at Q & V Commerce, INC.

He has developed the multidisciplinary business in the beautiful city Vietnam in the United States. Also, Calvin has done many online trainings that have caused a stir in the fast-paced effect and sales of Nails Salon. He is expert and experienced in his field and got unmatchable heights in the society. Let us have a look on the horrific background of this successful person:

Educational Qualification: He was born in the family of teachers in Saigon. He did graduation from Petrus Ky and shifted to United States to continue his studies. He did graduation from The Master of Finance of San Jose State University, California and BBA in Georgetown, Washington DC.

From the year 2013, the month November, he started with Nails market including different technologies like Pudra, RenkOpti and Kuvve. His intellectual personality, hard work and professional mentoring mixed together to get success in the Nails business. Now he is a mentor of many big companies like GreenApple, Hiplex and PNH Corporation.

From the last 15 years, Mr. Calvin is now a professional Training Master leading about 300 small and medium businesses in the United States. He is well known personality as the "patron" of the Nails industry. He brings the Nails industry to a new era of Market. He noticed the passion of the people in Vietnam about nails, beauty and art, he worked on his passion and got successful.

Last words: With the potential for growth, Calvin has invested near about dollars 180 million to develop the businesses that have the best elements. Combination of three things – POWER, PASSION AND EFFICIENCY has worked for him in his professional life.

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