COVID generation. Sad teenage life in pandemic times



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1 year since our lives abruptly stopped at the pace we knew so well. 1 year since we have a new life! I had no idea what would happen next. I had no idea that our new life would still be hereā€¦ even after 1 year and that there are still no signs that it was going to end too soon! Our new life began with the hope that #EveryThingWillBeFine. We, then, slowly learned to attend online meetings. The school has also moved online. We learned to disinfect ourselves, to wear masks, to see each other less and less with friends and families, to have online parties, to respect the 6 feet between us. We learned to move away physically and tried to get used to it. 1 year since we try to keep the direction, to get used to it, to console ourselves, to protect ourselves, to get through the cloudy days.

Just a few steps away from us, often hidden behind laptops or phones, camouflaged in homemade clothes, overwhelmed by online homework and projects, more affected than we would think by this pandemic period! We are talking about the COVID Generation. But it's so hard for me to call it that way - it's a label I don't want to accept that we're going to wear.

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