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Casting Call
I went to the casting at the Ramanda, we arrived around 9:15am (the doors didnt' open till 10:00am). It was a LONG LONG LONG day. Near the end i was hoping that this wouldn't be a waste of time. We finally got out of the registration room at 9:45pm. I lucked out and got a phone call to come in for a costume fitting as a Reporter.

Filming day
I'm sitting in a heated tent with a large crowd at one end. I'm sitting in front of a large table with coffee and heated sandwiches. I've already signed in and I am waiting to be called up to get my hair and makeup done... like I need any work.

I'm sitting in the extas holding area, the second story of a building in downtown Fort Edmonton. We just finished filming the "Photograph Rober Ford" scene. If I'm lucky, you might be able to see the back-right side of my head. I can see the grass lot that the shot was taken in from a window. It's amazing the amount of work and attention to detail they go into. They are getting the lighting perfect (with shades and white reflector sheets) to take the same scene at a different angle as well, I belive, taking an actual picture of Robert Ford to match a historical picture of the REAL Robert Ford.

They trucked us all (80 some reporters) downstairs onto the boardwalk. We stood around quietly for about 10 minutes then the coordinator said "Thats it, the director doesn't need you all right now" So back up we all go *yawn*

We got called down to the street again and were spread out by the coordinators. On "Action" we, the reporters, were to run after the photographer, "Ian", across the street and tracks up to the window of the photography shop. We did it several times in several variations. You might see me in this shot, running in from the left side right up close to the window.

Right after that we were brought back to the grass lot again for the "photography" scene again, this time from the other side. Depending on which take is selected, I might be seen on the right side, but i have a feeling i'll be just out of frame.

Still waiting... They have been filming several scenes in front of a store. There are lots of people wandering around, but everyone is carefully placed and timed. They run through it then the director yells "cut" and everyone rushes back to their start positions. After a few alterations in the timing, placement of people changes in the camera, etc they do another take. Gah! I wasn't this meticulous for Adams DVD... sorry Adam, if i was, you wouldn't have gotten your DVD till next year. This looks like the third scene they are arranging now. It's still really neat to see how everything works.

For some shots they lay tracks then put the camera on a dolly on the tracks. In this last scene they put a crane on the tracks and attach the camera to the crane... neat! Also, they are going crazy with the smoke machines. Before every take, someone will run by with a smoke machine filling the whole shot with a mist of smoke.

I feel sleepy *drinks redbull*

They are done with most of the extras for now. They are filming inside a building across the street. They are filming in this direction, so we can't watch anymore. Not that we can see very much anyway

I didn't get a chance to get back on set, which is fine, i had my fill. I'm now waiting to get back into the costume tent to change then sign out.

Signed out and ready to leave.

It was a really good experience to witness how everything works behind the scenes. We had a great view of most of the action from the second story windows of one of the buildings in "downtown" Fort Edmonton.

Two of the scenes i was in i was blocked by other peoples heads (the "Photographing of Robert Ford" scene) so i probably will not be seen. The scene i have the best chance of being seen in is the "Reporters chase the photographer scene". In this scene all the reporters chase after the photographer who has just taken a picture of Jesse James's corpse. The shot is taken from inside a shop, aimed out the window. If i am seen, i will be running in from the left hand side right up to the window of the shop... so here is hoping.


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