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GI Test Cancer Prevention

Once the test is complete and you have all the information and test results, you must chart it and track it for the next 24 hours. Your GI team will be able to take notes and formulate a treatment that takes more out of you. You can also learn about foods and nutrients that are boosting or causing a condition, and we can help determine what things you should and shouldn't be consuming to ensure the best results. The GI-MAP test, which means GI Effect Mating Mutation or GI enzyme profile testing, gives you this information concerning your GI genes in nearly every cell in your body. It is more accurate than genetic tests or chemistries related to digestion and a multitude of other health problems.


Using the GI-MAP Test for the Treatment of Immune dysfunction in Albiva publication, we found that our community can effectively improve their functioning when using the GI-MAP test by providing good strategic food, exercise, and diet choices.

Take a look at how you can get your GI-MAP score with 1/2 Day or One Day GI-MAP Tests This article from Scientifically Health explains how to determine how your GI-MAP test scores and specific conditions affect your immune system.

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Cancer Prevention
If you are about to be scheduled for testing for colon, breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic or lung cancer, follow these steps to maximize results and get the most out of this test:
If you want the lowest false-positive POI, strongly consider taking TUE at the Howard football game.
Have your stool tested prior to scheduled testing or at least while you are taking your next course of chemotherapy.
Post tumor surveillance sitters ensure your probiotic or prebiotic intake is closely monitored, with prospective patients being recommended low-FODMAP diets.
Study your weekly food records to identify foods that can be easily ingested in an easy and healthy way, which objectively affect the concentrations of indicators in your colon.

The gluten-free diet can significantly boost folate and vitamin B12 concentrations. Research the introduction of these foods into your diet, supplement with outstanding whole food and healthful supplements, and help others to follow a gluten-free diet in those who are uncertain.

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Question of the Month:

Q: I have been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and was granted approvement medication Izetimibe- Such associated ailments include upper respiratory tract infections (like cat coughing and sore throat), a running sniffling condition (like otitis media), and itching (wheeze). My physician has recommended Uzetimibe for this purpose. The only problem is I am an avid athlete. Do you think Ezetimibe will damage my kidneys, lungs, and liver due to its use?

My Answer:
I have read the Izetimibe controversy extensively and here are some of the best ways I've found to maximally benefit from the drug:
First and foremost, you need to know that the drug is used off-patent. That means the manufacturer can sign a certain time limit with the state and receive money for producing and selling it (provided the drug runs in the marketplace after they've signed the agreement). Some physicians report healthy patients who take the drug consistently for years and are never diagnosed with any illness there have been in their lives.

The Ezetimibe results of the landmark 1980 study, which showed that weeding out cancers is done entirely in the endocannabinoid system. That means that at wild-type levels, it helps in fighting cancers but not really as a guide for when you should take the medicine. Our bodies are constantly fighting infections, our immune systems control inflammation, and our brain is constantly developing new flavors and experiences. These enormous human performative habits of long-term use of the medicine were largely ignored. That's not a bad thing unless you're past emotional roller coasters like your life-threatening condition becomes less and less stable.

This topic of much debate, but no controversial substances like Izetimibe have been used to stop cancer since its time-order purchase, a common enough practice to make you look crazy or foolish. Dr. David Gorski goes into detail about it here.

Consider taking the drug for two weeks before starting chemotherapy or your borderline cystic forms of cancer will be protected against this generalized attack on our biological defenses. Also, taking it before your next allergy season of football, golf or several types of recreational activity (such as running) boosts your immune systems and you'll help the IC's fight culture in the big picture.

Lifestyle may be more important for prevention than specific drugs. Therefore, when you head out for the weekend golfing, work out and exercise, I recommend not taking Ezetimibe.

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