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Girls Sluttier the Younger They Are?



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Girls are becoming sluttier at a younger age yet aren't learning about safe sex as soon as they have been in past years. This is mainly due to the lack of safe sex education being taught in the schools. More traditional parents believe that teaching children about sex at a younger age will increase their curiousity and will cause them to have sex, when in reality it'll happen anyways and the lack of safe sex education is causing more teenage pregnancies than ever.

A leading cause of this sexuality at a younger age is directly because of the parents. In a world where divorce is common as well as having children before you're married, single parents are beginning to outweigh families that contain both a mother and a father. As the kids' slutty mothers go out on dates with older men and have casual sex constantly and bringing random men into the house every Friday night, the children notice this and it quickly becomes normal to them. Striving to become more independent, they believe that having sex with every older guy they meet will somehow make them more mature and treated as an adult... when they're actually treated like the teenage slut that they are. Often, they even lie about their age to get a man to come to the back alley with them. Even when they're alone their sex drive is evident in the number of girls that get naked on webcam in front of complete strangers.

I interviewed a number of teens, a large portion of them being pregnant at 15 and younger, and this is what they had to say:

"I love sex. Even when I don't have a guy around I masturbate at least 2 times a day."

"I don't care what anyone says, Michael and I love eachother and we're going to take care of the baby when it's born. I'm very mature for a 14 year old and know the consequences of my actions" (UPDATE: Michael dumped her 2 weeks later for the girls younger sister.)

"It's my body, I do what I want!"

"I like having sex with older guys 'cause they're mature and know what to do to make me feel good. I used to have sex with all the boys in my class, but I ended up not being able to feel their small penis' anymore as my body matured and I became used to having larger objects in me."

"I'm not just having sex with the guy. He's really sweet and we understand eachother and love eachother. I've already talked to him about what we'd name our kids and everything... I think that this is going to be a serious relationship for once. I love my little Bangus."

"I'm a woman already! If my mom is going to bring two guys home every day of the weekend, then I can too. And if I want to go on cam live while doing so, that's my choice and no one elses!"

"I really like guys, but sometimes I think that they're just using me for sex and don't actually want to get to know me or have a serious relationship. For example, there was a bunch of army guys awhile ago that didn't even return my messages after."

Please teach your future children the importance of safe sex, and be sure to do it at a young age. At this rate, in ten years your unborn baby is going to be sucking your boyfriend off as he has sex with you... the problem is that severe!

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