Hackers organization attacked Russian domestic websites on a large scale

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According to Russian media reports, Anonymous, the world's largest hacker organization, announced a cyber war against Russia in response to Russia's large-scale military action against Ukraine. The attacked networks include the websites of Russian TV station (RT), Russian Central Bank, Kremlin, Russian government and Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as companies operating in Russia.

Russian TV station (RT) said that on the evening of February 24th, their websites had been attacked by DDoS, and about 27% of them were attacked by DDoS at US addresses. Earlier, some sources said that US intelligence agencies suggested Biden launch a "large-scale cyber attack" against Russia, including cutting off the Internet connection throughout Russia. Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, also called on American hackers to launch cyber attacks against Russia in a TV interview. Coincidentally, many Russian websites, such as the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Red Star TV, were attacked and could not operate normally. It's hard not to connect the two.

In fact, Ukraine has suffered three large-scale cyber attacks since 2022. The latest wave of attacks named "Wiper" began on the afternoon of February 23rd and intensified in one day. Before they found out who was behind these three cyber attacks, the network authorities of the United States and Britain pointed the finger at Russian hackers, believing that the Russian government had directly planned the attacks. But Russia explicitly denied it. Nowadays, in order to protect the government's key infrastructure, Ukraine recruits volunteers from domestic underground hacker organizations, and at the same time participates in cyber espionage missions against Russian troops.

Anonymous: This organization is one of the largest hacker organizations in the world, and it is also the largest political hacker organization in the world. It originated from a forum called 4chan in the United States. It is a decentralized hacker organization with no system and leadership. It is good at batch attacks and is used to ddos, xss cross-site scripts and application layer protocol attacks. Now it is the largest branch hacker organization under the "SECSWA" organization, with its main branch in the United States.

"Anonymous" is hidden, and anyone can hide in it, which is bound to provide an effective cover for the country's cyber attacks. According to the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, a Finnish IT practitioner responded to the call of "Anonymous", hid his identity and instructed other Finnish hackers to launch cyber attacks against Russia according to the requirements of Ukraine.

Although Ukrainians are skilled in cyber attacks on the surface, people in the industry still have speculation about the role of the United States. A well-known computer and network security research expert once told the media that it would be very easy to find cyber attacks from the U.S. military without these folk cyber hacking behaviors, but under the current situation, it is very easy for state actors to "fish in troubled waters". After all, there are lessons from the "Arab Spring". Now the role of the United States in the attack on Russia, is really intriguing.

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