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Here is my baking recipe for a fondant cake.



Newbie, Female
Today I am going to write you my star recipe, the cake I use for my cakes decorated with fondant, a firm cake with a very good flavor that has the perfect complement with the syrup and cream that you put on it.
I read the original recipe a few years ago in Morgana's blog TARTAS CON MAGIA and I have varied it to my liking.
I prefer to use cream to mount butter, but basically, the proportions of ingredients I use are those of Morgana's recipe. You may have read this recipe on the blog with other quantities but ... I also try and evolve, and in a few months I may decide to change it, for now, I do it that way. The good thing about this cake is that you can make many versions of it changing the aroma, extract or essence, adding black, white or milk chocolate, nuts, hazelnut cream with chocolate ... You have the door open to innovate everything what do you want?

For a vanilla cake with 12-15 servings
1. Three medium eggs
2. 150 gr of white sugar
3. 150 gr of flour with yeast, also called leavening flour (you can replace it with normal flour by adding yeast, 5 gr, or what is the same half on Royal yeast)
4. 25 gr of unleavened flour (is what makes the spongeless spongy)
5. 150 ml of whipping cream or also called whipping cream
6. Aroma, extract or essence to taste, I do not put quantity because it depends on the brand you use

The ingredients are better if they are at room temperature, ie the cream without mounting and eggs, if the eggs were in the refrigerator do not take them out before they are at room temperature, not good, when I refer to room temperature is that you have just bought them and you have not refrigerated them yet, if they are cold nothing happens, the dough may be cut but beating a little more will be fixed.
150 gr of dark chocolate, if you want white chocolate put only 100 gram and also add 50 ml more cream or cream, the chocolate dries the cake a bit but adding something more of cream is perfect.

We will preheat oven to 150ºC

If we are going to make chocolate, we will melt it in the microwave or in the bain-marie and we will reserve it. If you do it in the microwave you will have to lower the power to 50% and put the chocolate 1 minute, take a few turns and put it back another minute, if the chocolate is white you have to watch it more because it burns easily. Once melted we will let it rest a few minutes so that it is tempered.

We are not interested in putting air in the dough, so we will beat just enough for the ingredients to be integrated, we will start with the sugar and the cream without assembling, we will mix them a little at medium speed, we will continue adding the essence and if you want it chocolate we will also put the tempered chocolate, we will beat it until the dough is homogeneous, it is time to put the eggs one by one,

Lastly, we will put the two types of flour little by little and mix everything at medium speed until everything is integrated.

We will line the mold with butter and flour and we will introduce the dough in it, we will bake at 150ºC with heat up and down, the mold will be placed in the middle of the oven.

We will bake until you poke the cake with a skewer or knife comes out clean, about an hour.

Without letting it cool and without taking it out of the mold, it will serve as a guide, we remove the "ugly" layer of sponge cake that stands out to leave it at the same height, beware it is very hot, then yes we will unmold it and without letting it cool we will cover it plastic kitchen film, this way the cake will not lose moisture. Let the cake rest a day before filling it and decorate it with fondant.

This cake can be frozen, it is even better when we do it, I usually freeze them before, to thaw it, we will pass it from the freezer to the refrigerator and we will leave it one day so that little by little it is defrosted.

This is my recipe, I hope you like it and that you enjoy it in your fondant cake, you will see how rich it is.
If you want to make perfect edges with the fondant, it is very important that your cake is well covered by a firm and very straight coverage.

I will write more about cakes in my next post, till then stay tuned and keep reading. And if you need to taste how bad I baked visit this website, www.cakescty.com or you can order cake online from them.

Yours Anu pastel-cakescty-300x400.jpg

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