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Considering the modern-day 'fitness' that is sold to us in all shape or form, be it ads or campaigns, is all related to the physical aspect –the outer you. But is that all there is to health? A good shape and stamina? What about your inner-self, inner-peace, and happiness? That, too, is part of the health program.

With all those medical breakthroughs, including successful vaccines for COVID, the sickness and ailments do not stop spreading. In fact, if anything, half of Americans suffer from some form of the disease, according to the research of 2012. This shows how Americans' lifestyle choices have led them to live a less fulfilling life. If they were correctly educated on making healthier choices, then many of their now chronic ailments could have been prevented.

In short, with the right guidance and encouragement, they could have been put on the right path to a healthier life. Nonetheless, there is always a time to start your healing process, no matter how late you assume it has become.

So, what are the potential benefits of Holistic Living?

Benefits of Holistic Living
If you incorporate a holistic lifestyle and mindset, you will be receiving the following advantages:

· Treating the problem from its source. Holistic therapies and treatments tackle the disease from its root causes, unlike modern medicine that only looks at the visible symptoms. While a regular doctor may treat your stomach pain with some antibiotics, a holistic healer would consider your stress levels and various other habits before making a diagnosis.

· A bird's eye view of the problem: When you go to a holistic healer, the practitioner considers every part of you, your physical, mental, and psychological health and after careful assessment of everything, then devises a personalized treatment.

· It de-clutters your life. When you incorporate holistic health practices into your life, you are immediately forced to de-clutter your life from whatever is not serving you anymore. This creates a healthy outlet and enables you to restart your life on a more leisurely note.

· You experience personal growth. There's nothing better than growing and moving forward in life with a refined and renewed sense of life, purpose, and vision.

· Spiritual elevation. When we are lost and gripped with the bottom chains of life, we often disconnect ourselves from our core values, moral standing, and purpose with which we live each day. With holistic practices, you will feel reconnected with your spiritual side and will begin to live your life more mindfully.

· Reduced level of stress. In such stressful times, including our own personal problems, alternative medicine and treatments that include various physical and mental activities will make you emotionally, mentally, and physically strong – enabling you to lower your stress levels tremendously.

· Increase in lifespan. Believe it or not, your lifespan increases when you choose to live a healthy life that includes good food, good sleep, a healthy and positive environment, and overall choices that lead to a stress-free and content life. There have been plenty of studies indicating the shortening of life because of stress, anxiety, and other forms of negative intake.

These are just some of the benefits that make a positive impact on your life. If we start picking each and everything that can improve with the help of a holistic lifestyle, it will become a separate blog. All in all, this isn't a fad or a temporary adjustment until you 'fix' yourself. But it is a way of being and living that stays with you till the end of your days.

How Can You Implement Such Style of Living?
The answer to such a question is fairly simple – with much courage and determination, you can push yourself through and start making those changes.

So, where to start?

· Drink lots of water. Yes, a holistic lifestyle asks you to change everything for the better – that includes the food you take in. So, if you are not keeping yourself hydrated, then that could be one of the causes of your many problems. Make sure you replenish your system with at least 4 glasses of water daily.

· Block Negativity. As cliché as this may sound to you, you must be strong enough to not pay any heed to whatever negativity may come your way. Don't take it personally, don't dwell on it, and definitely do not allow it to control you. If you feel like you are having a hard time achieving this level of control, you can always look for an experienced spiritual consultant who would help you become the healthiest version of yourself, ready to conquer the world.

· Practice mindfulness. Often underestimated, but has the power to bring anyone to the core center of their being. It involves exercises and meditation that makes you aware of everything that you are sensing and feeling at the given moment.

· Disconnect to reconnect. It's a digitized world that has made us accustomed to constantly being online through our smartphones. We don't realize it, but our constant consumption of content and creation of it exhausts us and takes an invisible toll on us. This is why try disconnecting once in a while to recharge, and you will immediately see positive changes along with the feelings of happiness and lightness take over you.

Wrapping Up
You see, we humans have every aspect of us heavily interconnected with each other – our mental function, our thoughts, our emotions, our physical health, spirituality, and social health. You simply cannot ignore one or two and expect yourself to embark on a complete healing journey. In order to live a fulfilled, content, and generally happy life, you must consider every aspect of your being.

This is what 'Holistic Healing' preaches and practices.

So, start making changes and embark on a journey that heals your emotional, mental, and physical ailments, allowing you to live a life worth living.

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