How digital marketing will evolve in 2022?


Jodan Clarke

Newbie, Male
The methods used by businesses to promote their products and services are always evolving. Digital marketing is no different. Changes in the technologies used to access the internet, society's desire for speed, and developments in consumer behavior will all have an effect on how digital marketing evolves over time.

It is difficult to say exactly what form digital marketing will take in 2022 because it is so dependent on newer technology. It is likely that with the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo, Japan, more people will be using mobile devices for everything from booking hotel rooms to viewing advertising messages. In 2022, with data usage increasing exponentially every year, the most successful digital marketers will be those who can make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to predict consumer behaviors and adapt their marketing to suit.


However, it is important not to be over-reliant on technology and the speed of digital communication because these can change unexpectedly. For example, in September 2017 connectivity issues at Amazon Web Services prevented many high-profile websites from working properly for several hours or even days. This highlights that there are always unforeseen factors that may have an impact on the success of any digital marketing campaign, regardless of how advanced the technology involved is.

It's difficult to predict what will happen in 2022 but it seems likely that digital marketers will need to be more adaptable than ever before if they are going to stay ahead of their competitors. They also need to ensure that there are backup plans in place to cover any technological failures.

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