How she is still in my life.



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so i created a new account because i couldnt get into my old one. but i needed to get this outta my head. Me and my ex fiance have been talking and hanging out a lot more lately. When we broke up 4 years ago she got pregnant by a different guy. and i wouldnt go near her kid for the first few months. she would bring her over and hang with my mom so if i was home i wouldnt touch or look at the kid. i resented her. but after a while i grew to adore the lil girl, and now these days she is my best friend and so is my ex fiance. i dont know what i would do if i didnt have danika and danielle in my life. we may have gone through a rough patch for a while after we broke up. i was heart broken. but now i tell her everything and she keeps secrets for me. we just spent the day together today and it was nice, than after she left she sent me a message saying how much she enjoyed the day with me and said thank you for how ive been nice and how e still friends and we had a big talk about how we still in each others lifes and how she is still family to us and does big family things with us still and said how she apprieates all that. Thats the first big talk we have had in a long time. it was nice.

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