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How to Decorate with Black & White



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Black & white have a specific chicness that’s both bold and balanced. Coloring your home with the hue may appear to be frightening, yet similarly as it’s known for being dramatic, stylish and classy in fashion, it can give a similar effect when utilized in home décor. Black makes a grounding impact and the ideal backdrop for splashes of color, white or other subdued neutrals.

Black & white can work in any room from a bathroom or kitchen to a core living space. It might appear like a dramatic change, however it is a classic neutral. Take cues from high fashion, and go for bold contrast but the most significant thing is that you completely should be ready to create a statement or else it will fall flat.

Traditional Wallpaper

A traditional black & white wallpaper is given a new and modern lease on life when done in a graphic color scheme. Matching it with hot pink and heaps of white walls makes it a whimsical dream come true. By changing the scales of the different black & white patterns on the accessories and walls, the room remains organized without going over the edge.


Stripes with Classical Touch

Black and white stripes are classic and can suddenly add curiosity to a generally basic space. Keep different accessories easy to allow for extreme visual effect. Also, consider adjusting the shades of white. By rendering the walls and flooring in cream, the exposed painted brick and basic painted floors feel much hotter than they may have with a true bright white.


Enhance the Décor

Accessories aren’t simply space fillers, they ought to be utilized to magnify and build upon your design foundation. Improve, decorate and energise your space with pieces that represents themselves and enable your space to shine. A large, white and black framed mirror painted with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Acrylic spray Paint is an awesome way to create a statement without it looking like you’re trying too hard.


Black & White Checkerboard

The black-and-white checkerboard marble floors lend great identity and a little whimsy to this generally traditional, white kitchen. The high-gloss Black Island and chrome hardware keep things exciting and surprising as it infuses some drama and charm to it.


Flooring with Textures

The key to utilizing black in walls, mats and flooring is in layering textures. A black hide patchwork rug, Brazilian black slate tile in kitchens with white cupboards or a croc-decorated textured wallpaper, for example. The key is to give black texture so it doesn’t make your space feel flat and dull. Mirror reflects light but keeps the drama.


Lovely & Loved-in

Utilize a variability of shades of black & white in the room to enable it to feel good and fresh, rather than rigid and sterile. In the living room, white shifts from the palest of black on the walls, to a hotter white on the loveseat slipcovers and into creamery tones on the woven basket coffee table and different accents. Corralling color to a few small, choice accessories gives the white scheme take center stage.



How would you decorate with black and white? For any room, the first step is to choose how you need the room to feel. Words like relaxing, dramatic, classy, standard, chic, and comfortable can all be great descriptive.

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