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  1. Step by step instructions to Create A New Indentity
  2. You may be saying, "So what do I require another character for?"

  3. The appropriate response is basic. You should go purchase alcohol some place, correct?

  4. You should go give the cops the bogus name when you get busted

  5. so you keep your great name, eh? You may even need to utilize the new

  6. character for getting a P.O. Box for checking. Sure! You may even

  7. need the stuff for leasing yourself a VCR at some dickless washout of a

  8. general store. Here we go:

  9. Getting another ID isn't in every case simple, nobody said it would be. By following

  10. these means, any bozo can turn into another bozo in a coupla weeks.

  11. Stage 1

  12. The initial step is to discover who precisely you'll turn into. The

  13. most secure way is to utilize somebody's ID who doesn't utilize it themselves.

  14. Individuals who fit that charge the best are dead. To really sweeten the deal they

  15. try not to go whining the slightest bit. Go to the library and look

  16. through old passing takes note. You need to discover somebody who was brought into the world about

  17. a similar time as you were, or even better, a little while more established

  18. so you can purchase liquor, and so on You ought to return the extent that you can for the

  19. passing in light of the fact that most states presently cross record passings to births so individuals

  20. can't do this later on. The cutoff date in Wisconsin is 1979, people

  21. in this amazing state gotta look in 1978 or prior. Anything earier there

  22. is cool. Presently, this is the hardest part in case you're more youthful. Whelps that

  23. youthful end up being very versatile, takin' drops out of three story windows

  24. also, eating rodent poison like its Easter sweets, and not a scratch or

  25. mark. There ain't numerous that bite the dust, so ya gotta look your butt off. Go

  26. down to the library and look into all the demise sees you can,

  27. in case it's on microfilm that would be preferable. You may need to go through

  28. long stretches of death sees however, yet the outcomes are definitely justified.

  29. You gotta get somebody who passed on locally in many cases: the demise

  30. declaration is recorded distinctly in the area of death. Presently you go down to

  31. the province town hall in the area where he passed on and get the

  32. passing authentication, this will cost you around $3-$5 relying upon the state

  33. you're in. Take a gander at this hunk of paper, it very well may be your approach to

  34. disappear in a clould of smoke when the ideal opportunity comes, similar to just after

  35. that enormous trick. In case You're fortunate, the good-for-nothings guardians marked him up with

  36. government managed retirement when he was a snot nosed imp. That will be another piece

  37. of ID you can get. If not, that is alright as well. It'll be recorded on the passing

  38. authentication in the event that he has one. In case you're fortunate, the firm was conceived

  39. locally and you can move his introduction to the world authentication immediately.

  40. Stage 2

  41. Presently check the spot of birth on the passing declaration, in case it's in

  42. a similar spot you standing presently you're good to go. If not, you can mail

  43. away for one from that area however its a minor agony and it may

  44. consume most of the day to get, the bookkeeper at the work area has postings of where

  45. to compose for this stuff and precisely the amount it costs. Get the Birth

  46. cirtificate, its value the additional cash to get it ensured

  47. since that is the solitary way certain individuals will acknowledge it for ID. When yur

  48. gettin this stuff the little structures request the explanation you need it,

  49. rather than writing in "Screw you", have a go at placing in "Geneology".

  50. They get this constantly. On the off chance that the Death endorsement searches useful for

  51. you, stand by a day or something like that prior to getting the guaranteed birth declaration

  52. in the event that they remember somebody needing it for a dead person.

  53. Stage 3

  54. Presently your cookin! You started out and the following part's simple.

  55. Wrench out your old Dot lattice printer and run off some mailing marks

  56. addressed to you at some fake location. Set aside the effort to check your

  57. fake location that there is such a spot. Lodgings that lease constantly

  58. or on the other hand enormous high rises are acceptable, make certain to get the right zip

  59. code for the space. These are things that the cops may see that

  60. will entangle you. Get some old garbage mail and glue your new lables

  61. on them. Presently take them alongside the birth testament down to the library.

  62. Get another library card. On the off chance that they inquire as to whether you had one preceding say that

  63. you truly aren't sure in light of the fact that your family moved around alot when

  64. you were a child. Most libraries will permit you to utilize letters as a structure

  65. of ID when you get your card. Assuming they need more give them a tragic account

  66. regarding how you were robbed and got your wallet taken with all your

  67. distinguishing proof. Your card ought to be hanging tight for you in around fourteen days.

  68. Most libraries request two types of ID, one can be your trusty Birth

  69. Endorsement, and they do permit letters addressed to you as a second

  70. structure.

  71. Stage 4

  72. Presently you got a beginning, it isn't great yet, so we should proceed. You ought to

  73. have two types of ID now. Discard the old letters, or even better

  74. stuff them inside the wallet you mean to use with this stuff.

  75. Go to the region town hall and show them what decent ID you got and get

  76. a state ID card. Presently you got an image ID. This will require around fourteen days

  77. also, cost about $5, its definitely justified.

  78. Stage 5

  79. In the event that the demise endorsement had a federal retirement aide number on it you can go

  80. out and get one of those metal SS# cards that they sell.

  81. Assuming it didn't, you got a wide range of pretty ID that shows precisely

  82. what your identity is. On the off chance that you don't yet have a SS#, Go down and apply for one,

  83. these are free yet they could require five or a month and a half to get,

  84. Administrators you know... You can create a SS# as well if ya like, yet the aphorism

  85. of 'THE WALKING GLITCH' has consistently been "The reason not greatness?".

  86. Stage 6

  87. Assuming you need to go entire hoard you would now be able to get a ledger in your new

  88. name. Assuming you intend to do alot of voyaging, you can put alot

  89. of cash in the record and afterward say you lost the record book. After

  90. you get the new book you take out all the money. They'll hit you

  91. with a slight energize and perhaps tie your cash a few, yet in case you're

  92. at any point broke in some unassuming community that bank book will hold you back from being

  93. tossed behind bars as a transient.

  94. ALL DONE?

  95. So youngsters, you got ID for purchasing liquor, yet what else? In certain towns

  96. (the bigger the almost certain) the cops in the event that they get you for something

  97. negligible like shoplifting stuff under a specific dollar sum, will just

  98. give you a ticket, same thing for peeing in the road. That is it!


  100. No fingerprints or nothing, simply pay the fine (quite often more than $100)

  101. or then again show up in court. Obviously they run a radio beware of your ID, you'll

  102. be perfect and your adjust self image gets a smudge on his record.

  103. Your free as a bird. That merits the cost of the difficulty you've gone

  104. through in that general area. In the event that your keen, you'll throw that ID away if this

  105. occurs, or even better, detach your image and give the ID to somebody

  106. you don't care for, possibly they'll get busted with it.

  107. In case you're an average worker, here's a method to extend your dollar. Go to work

  108. however long it takes to get joblessness and afterward get yourself terminated.

  109. Go to work under the other name while your getting the joblessness.

  110. With two or three arrangements of ID, you can live like a lord. These ideas

  111. for endurance in the new age come to you praises of THE WALKING GLITCH.


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