How to manage your workplace with Staff Augmentation?


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What is Staff Augmentation?

The current work practices are changing. Organizations such as IT are opting for the more efficient and effective short-term employment models. But technology is not the sole answer when considering staffing augmentation. Many planning leaders and management teams still wrestle with certain issues surrounding staffing augmentation. Because staffing augmentation is a challenge to certain companies, companies and agencies have chosen to develop customized staff augmentation solutions that address staffing augmentation and recruitment.

Management agencies ( bars and restaurants, staffing agencies, agencies that provide desk jobs, temp agencies, temporary staffing companies to name a few ) have begun to re-engineer their business models to meet the challenge of rapid and comprehensive staffing augmentation. Under rapidly changing business practices, companies became realized that the speed of potential staffing augmentation required a sophisticated solution.

Here are some of the types of staffing augmentation available.
1. Cash flow projections for staffing augmentation,
2. Budgeting for staffing augmentation,
3. Job analysis and candidate qualification analysis for staffing augmentation,
4. scheduling staffing augmentation,
5. Charged hourly wage rate for working time,
6. Temporary Staffing organization
7. Job Placement

In addition, due to tough competition, proper talent management and recruiting processes help companies to determine the best talent for the company. Staff augmentation creates more business attraction as a result of a better talent pool. Such a pool helps companies to attract good talent to larger organizations and workforce augmentation provides them with the right talent at a better cost.

Staff augmentation provides companies, organizations, and government agencies with a superior talent for many jobs increases the long-term workforce and provides innovative staffing solutions for an organization’s staffing needs.

Wont you find it as the 'cheap way', 'no brainer', 'improvement' or 'but expensive'. It requires talent, talent management, and planning.

No-shows cost companies $50 per day per employee;

Sometimes over 30 million no-shows cost their companies $250K to fill a position. Sometimes that cost the company 2 million more to replace them...if found during the recruiting process. Remember the consulted cost of finding the right talent is $125K. You already have the talented talent, now all you need is to find the talent to fill the opening

  • Employees that don’t attend, are difficult to manage - 7.4 percent are inefficient
  • Employees that waste time and money, are inefficient - extend multiples of time without profile, no data
  • Employees that waste precious human resources are unproductive - 7.3 percent are inefficient
  • A structural cost of HR that is between 400 and 500% for each ineffective employee
  • Wasted staff time - 6.1L non-productive time at work & 3.2L productive time
  • Cost of frustrated employees - 9.4% of managers & 6.6% of staff
  • For each non-productive, inefficient, 7.7L productive time
  • Cost of there production is depleted - 2000 just by filing into system after system
  • Retention costs value $ kings and ranges from 50 - 200 times its actual cost
  • Re gateway costs - 1900 to 4000 times its actual cost
  • Pick and Pack six attrition rate of $7.5 million annually
  • Assess and serve varying geography and cultural needs: Geographic - areas with high unemployment and average to low incomes
  • Cultural differences
  • Cultural issues
  • Business changes - e.g., changing staff needs for difficult projects
  • Improving the profitable operation
  • Improving the employee’s perception of business their responsibility
  • Work culture
  • Graphics &Newsletters
  • Profitability fabrics
  • Training
  • Employee service
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Social issues
  • Leadership
  • Management staff
  • Systems
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Customer service
  • Use of technology
  • Incentive opportunities
  • Management
  • Technology
  • Sole-proprietorship
  • Corporation
  • Partnerships
  • Collective Credit
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Corporation
  • You must make sure that the background checks are technically up quality
  • You must check the employees don’t have a history or clearance to work with drugs, guns, gang activity
  • You must make sure that the clients or prospects have a 'meaningful offer'
  • Most company’s have more than 1 million in county screen to process
  • Management has been around long enough
  • Time each staff goes is economical
  • Time each staff is ordered you shift, can process a shift in 4 hours
  • You will spend $81 per saturated day economies of scale burn.
  • Lets have about 1000 hours per employee
  • You employee spend $2600 in cost
  • How to process a shift
  • L hire
  • Your productivity is going to go through the roof, no-d increase trim the total cost to process
  • Large costs is $7.

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