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How to scare the crap out of an 8 year old


If you have to babysit an 8 year old ( or 6 or 10 or whatever ) tell them this story:

In this house, 120 years ago, lived a retired one-legged pirate. He was a very successful pirate, and he had gathered so many trasures, that he had a golden leg made to replace his wooden one. In his last will and testament he wrote that he wanted to be buried with his golden leg, but when he died, his friends decided that it would be a waste to put all that gold in a box with a decaying corpse. So they took his golden leg and buried him with the old wooden one.
The house was sold, but the first night the new owners slept in the house, they heard a footstep on the lowest step of the stairs
On the second night, they heard a step and thump, "step" .. "thump".
Every night an extra step or thump was added.
"Step" ... "thump" ... "Step" ... "thump" ... "Step" ... "thump" ... "Step" ... "thump" ...
Every night the sound came higher and higher, until that one dreadful night when the steps and thumps reached the top of the stairs.
Then the new owner of the house heard a low voice, whispering "who's got me golden leg?"
Another step.
Then the voice again, a little louder, "who's got me golden leg?"
Older still: who's got me golden leg?!"

At that moment grab the kid and shout "YOU'VE GOT ME GOLDEN LEG!"

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    1. dragosh Dec 16, 2017
      great !!! awesome ! :)
    2. mcpon14 Dec 14, 2017
      Awesome! :)
    3. Cold Oct 9, 2017
      :lol: love it!