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How to start my own eyelash brand



Newbie, Female
Maybe you are a housewife, maybe you are a student, maybe you are a makeup artist, maybe you are a single mother. Maybe you want to have your own business and do a little business to make your life better. Listening to others saying that false eyelashes are a good industry, so you are eager to try. Please listen to the advice of professional eyelash manufacturers. I hope it will help you.

Generally speaking, as a professional lash factory, we are more inclined to receive large orders, and continue to place orders frequently. Some famous beauty brands, supermarkets, beauty shops, etc. have their own mature consumer groups, as well as specialized purchasing staff. They want to make fake eyelashes or any other products relatively easy, have enough financial resources to purchase in large quantities, there are enough sales people to introduce new products to customers, and a wide range of consumer groups to buy. But will every eyelash manufacturer encounter such a big customer?

Not really. Because there are not many famous big customers and people can easily find their contact information from google, TV or exhibition. Other eyelash manufacturers are eyeing this group of big customers. So what we can do is to provide better service for our big customers, constantly research and develop new styles, increase production volume, On time delivery, and Avoiding losses for our customers. Let these big customers become sticky to Our Lash.

But that doesn't mean we only supply bulk eyelashes to these big customers. If you are just starting a business, or if you want to change to a new supplier, we are willing to help you and grow with you. After all, big customers are also doing step by step from small orders. We believe that one day you will also become our VIP customer.

OurLash as a professional eyelash manufacturer, we have different material eyelashes, the price is not the same. If you have any requirements for materials, prices, and private label lashes, please contact OurLash freely. We wish to be a great helper of your business.

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