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How to Use Batons As A Good Self-Defense Weapon


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Batons are self-defense tools made of rubber, wood, plastic or metal. Their length is lesser than an arm's length. They have been used for self-defense or iron control in different capacities like military employs and law enforcement officers. Batons are effective tools being used as self-defense purposes. They are better than stun guns or pepper sprays.

Batons have proved really good weapon as self-defense for women. If a woman need to travel a lot and she travels to places which have a potential risk factor then batons could prove best self-defense weapon. If she senses that she can face some physical harm, she can use a baton for the purpose of self-defense. Batons are lightweight weapons. The batons used by the police are a bit heavier as compared to ordinary one.

Some Popular Batons Available Options

Stun Batons

Stun batons are capable to defend an attacker by sending a very high voltage into central nervous system. You do not need to fear at all because this will not make you a murderer because the amperage is very low. These weapons have voltage range from 300,000 V to 4.5 million V. The extended power and length of batons will help you to keep an attacker at a reasonable distance.

Pepper Mace Batons

These are the handiest accessible and durable self-weapons. They are small in size. You can carry them in your shirt or bag. The strongest of the pepper mace baton comes as an aluminum alloy. It has a special built-in compartment for storing the pepper mace. It is always great when a product serves more than one purposes. It can be used as a stout stick, the pepper spray makes it an effective weapon.

Steel Baton

Steel batons are the best and the strongest of the impact batons. Steel baton starts with about 6-7 inches of steel. However, with the flick of your wrist, it extends to 16, 21 or 26 inches of steel baton. They are lightweight and strong. It is always a good idea to practice with your steel baton before you go out with it. You can carry it in your hand, purse or pocket somewhere that it is accessible.

Batons are the perfect self-defense weapon for anyone looking to protect themselves. Carrying such batons will not only give you mental strength but can help you travel. Batons for protecting yourself are a must-have tool for anyone.

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    1. *Loves-Death. Jan 16, 2018
      I like the extending ones that extend from small to a good one,, the security at the court house use those, there like a switch blade, small, hit a switch it extends to full sise