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HI everyone:

My name is Derek Michaud. I am on this website because I saw an episode of Web Of Lies on Investigation Discovery. So why would that matter? Well, the young girl who the episode was about, was a 15 year old girl in Canada. She started talking to someone on this site her friend introduced her to, and it changed her life forever. In fact, In ended it. The beautiful girl who I am talking about, is Lauren Leslie. Lauren had an eye condition called iris coloboma. I never knew her, her friends or her family. I write this as a cautionary tale for young boys and girls who think its cool to talk to older people on the internet. IT'S NOT COOL! ITS NOT EVEN SAFE! I imagine Lauren was searching for something more from her life and some bad birdy whispered something in her ear, Like most people her age, she took the bait. ON paper, I look like that typical creepy guy on the internet, I am 40 years old, I live alone, I am that fat guy Brad paisley sings about :) here is the thing though, There is nothing about me that is creepy. I am a well spoken guy who lives in Maine. I am a disabled man, I have a slight case of cerebral palsy on my left side and a vision impairment. The optic nerves in my eyes are damaged. I will never drive a car. I write this to let whoever reads this know, There are people like me online who are just online to be online, There are people online who want to do harm to innocent people.

My message to anyone who is online young and old who are online for the right reasons: If someone messages you and asks you for compromising pictures, you do not ever need to send them! you are work so much more than that. some people on the Internet are absolute pervs and use the internet for awful reasons. Why? because they are a person/monster behind a screen. They think that just because they are behind a screen, they are untouchable!

In closing, be careful what you do online. if it doesn't seem right, it isn't!

I wrote this post on my own. Not looking for attention. I wrote this to maybe help someone out of the kindness of my heart. I do not understand what it is like to be a serious victim on the internet, but I still want to help someone if possible.

Rest In Peace Lauren Leslie. My thoughts are with Doug Leslie, Lauren's friend's, family, and whoever's life was touched just by her being in it.

that's all.

Be safe everyone.

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