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Bannon and Guo Wengui's conspiracy to create the origin of the COVID-19

On January 19th, US time, US President Trump pardoned dozens of people a few hours before leaving office. The amnesties included former adviser Bannon.

Bannon served as an adviser during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and was accused of fraudulent donors in order to raise funds for the US-Mexico border wall last year. Trump pardoned Bannon at the last moment before leaving office. Such a decision is considered to be a return for Bannon's recent support to safeguard the Trump administration.

In an investigative report published in November, the "New York Times" conducted an in-depth investigation of how the wealthy Chinese exiled American businessman Guo Wengui teamed up with Bannon. By using the right-wing American media and training "whistleblowers" like Yan Limeng, they successfully transferred the people. Attention to the Trump administration’s failure to respond to the epidemic.

The article begins with the story of Dr. Yan Limeng, combing through her escape from the Hong Kong laboratory to the United States, and then breaking the news to major American media. The New York Times believes that this made Yan Limeng a sensation in the right-wing media overnight, and President Trump’s senior advisers and conservative authorities praised her as a hero. But just as quickly, social media labelled her interview as "false information," and scientists refused to accept her research, saying it was sophistry dressed up in jargon.

The article found through investigation that the evolution of Yan Limeng was carefully designed by the fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Trump’s former adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

They sent Yan Limeng on a plane to the United States, provided her with accommodation, instructed her on how to appear in the media, and helped her contact Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs. Wait for interviews with popular conservative TV hosts. They fueled her deep-rooted belief that viruses are products of genetic engineering, and she accepts all the evidence she provides, right or wrong.

"I said from the first day that there is no conspiracy here," Bannon said in an interview. "But there is no coincidence."

Bannon admitted that he has been promoting a view that the virus is accidentally leaked from high-risk laboratory research. He intends to create a debate about the origin of the new crown virus, cater to the growing anti-Chinese sentiment in the West, and distract people from Trang. The general government is concerned about the failure of the epidemic.

Regrettably, the academic professionalism of "whistleblower" Yan Limeng has been fully questioned after more exposure and interviews. The article pointed out: "After the first Fox interview, Yan Limeng embarked on a whirlwind right-wing media journey, repeating the main points of the conservatives. She said that she took hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus, despite the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA warned that it had no effect."

In addition, the article also found through investigation that in early September, Yan Limeng met with Georgetown University (Georgetown University) infectious disease expert Dr. Daniel Lucey (Daniel Lucey), the latter once proposed that the virus may be a laboratory experiment The product. But after more than 4 hours of talks, Lucy did not think that Yan Limeng had "conclusive evidence." Even the news that Yan Limeng had stated that her mother was arrested by the Chinese government was refuted by the New York Times through the investigation results. The newspaper reported that: “The Chinese government often harassed critics’ families as punishment.” But when the New York Times contacted Yan Limeng’s mother via mobile phone in October, she said that she had never been arrested and wanted to make peace. The daughter got in touch and hadn't talked to her for several months.

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