Is medical coding a Good Job?


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Are you looking to work as a medical coder? Students with a science background have an opportunity to pursue a career in medical coding or medical billing. In today’s era, healthcare is a booming industry creating a lot of job opportunities in the field of medical coding and medical billing. US healthcare is also a booming industry who outsource their services to India thus creating good opportunities for Indian students to pursue a lucrative career abroad.

Want to know more about Medical coding? Medical coding training is the function of creating unique alphanumeric codes. These codes are then used for creating patient’s data for their insurance. So basically, medical coding is used to process claim submission in health insurance. Medical coding is used in healthcare services and is very crucial for the US population.

Medical coders are in great demand in the US especially from developing countries such as India, as the youth of India are considered to be highly competitive and ready to take up the challenge. If you are looking for a secured career opportunity then a medical coding course is one such thing.

There is a huge requirement of candidates in this field in the US hence, it’s best to pursue a career in medical coding training right now.

What is Medical Coding?
Medical Coding is basically assigning standardized numeric and alphanumeric codes to represent the diagnosis, procedures and supplies documented by the healthcare providers in the patient’s medical record. This task is usually done by certified medical coding specialists and anyone can become a certified medical coder by undergoing intensive training programs online or at an institute.

Still not convinced whether to take up medical coding as a career? We give you five sure shot reasons to choose a medical coding course for a secured career.

  1. Medical coding is highly in demand:
    The statistics show that employers looking for medical coders in the healthcare sector is much more than any other sector. Candidates looking to pursue their career in medical coding training may land up a good job in a reputed company.
  2. Flexible hours of work:
    In this busy and stressful life, maintaining work-life balance can be tedious. But as a medical coder you can work part time or a full time professional with 40 hours of weekly work time. Most of the industry requires you to give full time attention, while medical coding training gives you the flexibility of working at your own leisure.
  3. You have freedom to work on multiple settings:
    You can have multiple options in terms of picking which setting you wish to work on. It could be hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, insurance company, nursing home outpatient health facilities or even work from home. It gives you flexibility to choose your own comfort of work location. Most companies also give you jobs from remote locations. Imagine sitting in a cool cafe and working at your free will.
  4. You can stay away from clinical visit:
    If you have a soft heart and still want to work in the medical field then you can choose to become a medical coder. Here, you don’t have to see the patient directly where blood and surgery is involved; however you will get to work as a paramedical practitioner. Here, you have to deal with doctors and other medical practitioners while not getting into the dire business of dealing with surgery and blood.
  5. You can start your career at an early stage:
    The medical coding course is less than a year. So in less than a year, you can complete medical coding training and then can look to work in a reputed company in India or abroad.
  6. Work from home:Medical coding is the most trendy job right now and is expected to rise 22% by 2022. Many healthcare providers are choosing to outsource their medical coding workload. This provides an opportunity to build thriving at-home businesses.
  7. Start a business with low overhead:It is easy to set up your own business at home with training and education in medical coding. All you need is a computer, a reliable medical coding program and a list of potential clients.
  8. Get Educated Online:In order to compete in this profession, you must invest in proper education. We provide training and certified online courses along with on-the job training. You can work as per your own flexible schedule. The course takes two to three months to get completed. Certification in medical coding courses gives an edge to professionals in getting their desired job and earning potential. Also you can study at the comfort of your home or office at any time and at your own pace. Online courses will help you to avoid the costs and structures of a traditional university.
  9. Provide a service to health providers:If you are longing to get a job in the medical sector apart from directly communicating with patients then medical coding is the best choice. The job of the medical coder is to see that healthcare providers are paid for their services. You help both the patient and the healthcare provider optimize the insurance benefit.
  10. Be In Demand without the usual physical demands:A medical coding career allows you to work in the healthcare industry without having to be physically present at the job. You have the freedom to work from a home based environment that is suited to work best for you. Medical coders are in great demand in medical offices, clinics, hospitals and health insurance companies. They have an indispensable expertise that is required by health care providers.

The following things are being taught in medical coding course training certification program:

  • Prepare to work in health data management

  • Basics in medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology

  • Understand how medical law can comply with ethical standards of the national health organisation.

  • Receive training in health informatics and comply to the core standards provided by the American Health Association.
Medical coding is not just a mere career but an assurance that you have a secured job for lifetime. Thanks to the vertical of employment in the healthcare services industry, young students can have an aspiring career in a medical field that does not involve clinical visits.

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