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Veteran, Male
My desire to help other people to a better life moved me to my initial nursing education. In the hospital practice, I experienced daily what medicine can do. And I experienced their limits. There were aspects that were out of their reach and yet played a decisive role in determining whether and how quickly a person became healthy or not.


I wanted to pursue this .... During my college studies I studied the social environment. Working as a social worker with visually impaired / blind and with cancer patients and their relatives showed me that the social environment in which one is embedded, is very important and the handling of restrictions or disease very much influenced. But here too there were other aspects that seemed to be important to the health.

And I continued to follow this ... In my training in natural medicine, I discovered the crucial piece of the puzzle: the human being is a whole of different levels. Repairing an item seems to solve the problem. But sometimes it comes again, because the real cause was not recognized and continues to operate from the hidden. In grasping the wholeness of a person, I approach with detective curiosity to really get to the bottom of the cause. The model of body, mind and soul is an integral part and contributes significantly to the success of the treatments. All my further training supports this holistic approach.

In my free time, I enjoy my 2 hangovers, the garden, my e-bike, the mountains and exciting encounters with family, friends and interesting people.

I love to capture and support people in their entirety to live a better life. I look forward to meeting you.

I can deal with Chronische Schmerzen and Burn Out Behandlung.

Sincerely, Kordula Zoller

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