life according to kim



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01. things are easier when you stop giving a shit.
02. you never know people as well as you think.
03. music is the foundation of happiness.
04. smile; it surprises people.
05. it's amazing what a sexy pair of panties can do for one's mood.
06. a stuffed animal and soft sheets are a girl's best friend.
07. screaming at the top of one's lungs is completely necessary to keep sanity.
08. don't fake; it's unattractive.
09. it's not funny if you have to explain it.
10. do something that scares you.
11. nobody likes a party pooper.
12. keep a secret.
13. be an individual, but don't conform to individuality.
14. don't believe everything you hear.
15. if you have to try to fit in, you won't.
16. laugh at yourself.
17. don't assume.
18. play hopscotch with a child.
19. regrets are for sissies. if it doesn't happen, it still could.
20. jealousy is a waste of time.
21. if you have to justify it, it's wrong.
22. don't give 2 shits about someone who can't even give you one.

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