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Newbie, Female
a memory everyone on my friends list!

1[D]y[L]a[N]1-- the road to eldarodo hahah
8*B*A*L*L-- when we used to be tight and you got horrible road rash back in like grade 1
A.C.E-of-spades-- when my mom asked if you do drugs haha
~BaBy{}GURL-- the sleepover at jessicas in leduc and going to see that dog
~BeautyQueen~-- forts and puppies
biTTerswEEt**-- jessys birthday party
Blair...-- youth!
BMXrules-- interesting chatting ahahaa
catsarecool-- watching eddit on youtube!
*C.ody*-- baseball
*D.ani*-- girl guilds and rememberance day
*^.D.an-ika.;;*-- davons birthday in the cabin haha
Dannielley-- family group fun haha
-Dc-Skater- -- when you went to are school and i looked outside and saw everyone running at the school
-d[oo]ms;day;-- when we hung out and watched that show on t.v. lol and fires lol
~dr.mikey.p~-- baseball....
emergency-error-- omg.... nvm...... nail glue! not giving to me!
-Emily;.-- naziis in science class lolol
Fireproof-- campout when we kicked ass at dutch blitz
*Gorgeous11*-- everyday since grade 2 lolol
**~HIM~-- talking to lindsay on the phone and you asking if a curling iron is a dick warmer haha
ILOVELES-- after youth that one time haha
*iLUVERSya-- omg caught up in you and twilight and apoligize!
.:Inevitable:.-- i love you bb haha your birthday
innervoice,-- finding nemo at trues house
Intencity,-- when we were lil and there was that huge puddle behind my house... and you got stuck in it or something...
jism.-- idk man.... i don't got memories.... when you dated sarah?
**j.oey**-- omg andi's birthday party!
[Kiss[Of]Death]-- peter pan and kicking mermaids asses
;LoLLi~PoP*-- idk.......
LOVE?HATE-- chillen at all costs lol
lyke,lol-- i still have your balls
[M]ichelle?.-- when you loved isaiah
{M}{K}[E]-- trapolien
MiStAkE-- fg and your house for lunch with a shotgun haha
;Monotony-- you have the same last name as me!
--[m]ozie*]-- jessy garage at lunch lol
music~luver5-- idk man
Natt.spankspigs-- erics house... fire....
NINJA8KID7-- youra fag
*pancake*13-- at the community center
*Party*Boi*-- ontop of coles garage and moldy spagetti
*Pink7*-- you and your nerdyness
*Porschad-- idk
Predictable-- -- when i talked to you
-PrettyPinkShit*-- getting pissed for no reason
*priddyinpunk*-- hahahaha your house for lunch hahaha
Princesxs-- kicking jessy and thinking it was jen haha
.quiksilver4.-- grade 2 when this girl i knew loved you hahahahahaha
RADICOOL-- mid terms when you told mr. p that he's dumb
*Rawr;-- when you dog bit the lil boi you were babysitting
.Rodman-- fagg
rossdaboss21-- me you and jessy lit a fire at centenual park and you stamped in out with jessys shoe when yours was right there lol
*sami.-- when you asked me if i liked you bro and then i told you to tell him i did lolol
-Sarah;-- yelling at true to hold her hand haha
{}ecrets;-- foods class and the big bitch!
seth12rocks112-- idk
shyanne135-- getting drunk and getting caught lol
.TEDDY.-- baseball?
T.I.FFANY-- my birthday party and you getting a nose bleed in like grade 1
TysonS23-- WEBCAM PLSS!!
VEXATIOUS.-- you going streeking hahahaa
Xx,HollyWood,xX-- getting drunk... you me lindsay jessy and gabby hahaa

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