My rant on love.



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this is my opinion. love it, hate it, i don't care.

i think anyone can fall in love at any point in their life. this doesn't sound right, but let me explain. let me stress, for the second time, this is simply me ranting my opinion.

i live across the street from Jennie Elliot Elementary. when i was walking home from the bus stop, i saw these 2 kids, a boy and a girl, who must have been in about grade 1 or 2 holding hands, giggling, and talking about something. it was the cutest thing ever. the boy then kissed the girl on the cheek and said sweetly "I love you." this made my heart melt. the look on his face was totally what i'd expect to see on any love-drunk male's at any age.

he may not know what the real definition of love is, but to me, there is no real definition. "check the dictionary you stupid loser," is probably what you're thinking, right? this is the definition, as quoted from the dictionary:

"A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person..."

it's a feeling. there you have it. does everyone feel the same thing at the same time? no.

high school love must be the dumbest thing ever created right? let me ask you this; what is the point of high school? to give students the tools they need to live in today's society. so yes, math, science, english, social studies, granted. but lots of other things too; how to speak in front of your peers, how to deal with day-to-day drama, and when you know that you've fallen in love. it could be just "fake love" in high school, but with what you learn there, you'll know the real thing when it kicks you in the gonads.

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