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Life is full of surprises. Sometimes in a jiffy you get to see a number of somersaults in your life and sometimes it takes ages to see some change. It all depends on your destiny. When the surprise is a pleasant you jump and scream with happiness, however, the sudden appearance of uncomfortable situation would make you feel miserable. None can guess what is in your store the next moment. This kind of situation is quite predictable for a new immigrant in a country like Canada, where entire life style and geo-social landscape undergoes a 180% change; the person encounters things never seen or experience before with added pressure and anxiety of lending a suitable job to carry forward and sustain the life. Although friends and close associates do provide support, the person needs to cover the distance alone in order to reach a place where he could feel comfortable and confident enough to take on challenges as and when presented.

Social networking site like this comes handy in creating contact and connect with people who could offer the required support.

I being one of the person, who desire to settle down in this country that offers a the best of environment, social support system, great healthcare system, highly competent education system and fare job opportunities and remuneration to all and sundry.

I would love to connect with like minded persons who enjoy a company of the person enjoying nature, music, photography, social gathering, debate and discussion on a range topics.

Professionally I am a Banker with +30 years of experience in banking. Having worked in various Departments (Operations Back Office, Retail, Commercial, Risk, AML&TF, Compliance, Mortgage, Treasury back office, Banks' Branches), I am quire confident enough to shoulder any kind of responsibility in a Bank and would add value.

Those hiring in Banking sector can contact me through my email and discuss the way forward.

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