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high school why are people freekign out??
nothings really changing were going to school with people we have scince gr. 7,
sure were goiing to lose some to other schools and gain kids from others,
we will still have test and homework only more,
people will still lie to ur face stab u in the back, and be a complete ass hole,
we will still like guy but now theres more selection​

. to bad its over i'll miss the support group LOL


Song of now Riden' Dirty​


LookingForwardTo:going home with friends NEXT year​

~^~When Kennon Makes Sense Of Things~^~
~^~What Ashlyn Does After She Spits In Water~^~
~^~Mind Freekets Tricks~^~
~^~ :egrin: this thing (hehe) ~^~

How my friends actaully think I'd do drugs.
over reacting ****.
How i tend to screw things up so fast
Untrusting "friends"
Not talking to next years bff for a loong time...
how patrick is moving :( you cant go you fag..
how danie is moving :(( dont go....ill miss you WAYYYY to much
how melina is moving to another friken continental plate...
how screwd up i can be
when people dont relize that what they have infront of them is great.

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