Reimagining how we live and experience the world


Alister Punton

Newbie, Male
People thrive on new experiences. Yet regular life is full of constraints. A home to take care of, shopping for food, visiting the same restaurants, museums, theaters and local attractions over and over. If one is fortunate, it’s possible to carve out time to take a trip — maybe visit another country to experience a different culture, or just get away from the routine. In the end, this lifestyle eats up money and more importantly, time.

For the person looking for a way to escape this tethered existence, now there is an entirely new lifestyle that combines your home and extended travel into one experience. Storylines is reimagining how life can be lived.

A residence at sea, once available only to the super-wealthy, is now within reach. The experience of living aboard a ship that slow-cruises the seas, visiting hundreds of ports and circumnavigating the world every three years, is filled with endless opportunities for personal enrichment and cultural immersion.

Living among a community of like-minded explorers in a dynamic environment that provides technology.

Luxury amenities and a healthy lifestyle at your door.

Imagine being able to shape the way you experience life.

To see the world but only unpack your bags once.

To become a global citizen.

To be free to create your unique story

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