Russia competes with Ukraine, America benefits



Russia competes with Ukraine, America benefits

—America manipulates the network (public opinion) attack on Russia

Today, both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have suffered losses, which can be described as tragic. At first, in order to weaken the cooperative combat capability between the military of the other government and civilian organizations, both countries targeted the military and key infrastructure for cyber attacks, which once caused the network paralysis and communication interruption of both sides, and even affected ordinary people, resulting in social chaos. Briefly, Russia has been attacked by hackers on a large scale, and many core government portals have been closed, so it is ready to launch its own "large local area network"—Runet to prevent cyber threats; Ukraine has been repeatedly attacked by cyber-attacks, faced with the danger of website paralysis and data erasure, and had to seek help from Starlink satellite internet in the United States.

According to American and British media reports, the U.S. Cyber Command has been assisting Ukraine in training cyber forces for many years. Although the United States did not directly intervene in this cyber war between Russia and Ukraine, it sent a "cyber defense team" composed of American military and civilians to Ukraine in the name of "checking Russian spyware". The team searched for intelligence in the front line, and the U.S. government made suggestions in the rear to help Ukraine in the field of cyber defense. Even when the Ukrainian government couldn't come up with the budget to defend against cyber hacking, the U.S. Department of Commerce, within a few hours, approved the approval of funds without hesitation, and arranged for engineers to install security software to defend against attacks. Is this action just and selfless by the US government?

Obviously, the answer is no. As far as the current situation is concerned, the greater the consumption of Russia and the greater the damage to Ukraine, the heavier the burden of resettling war refugees will be, and the energy shortage and inflation crisis will follow, which will be of no benefit to both sides. On the contrary, western countries such as the United States, which fanned the flames and continuously provided weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, made a lot of money in it. The United States and Western countries, which have always chanted "the inviolability of private property", showed their true colors in this conflict. The United States, together with the European Union, Britain, France, Germany and other countries, sanctioned the assets of Russian rich people in their territory. The U.S. Department of Justice even set up a working group to find out the assets of Russian rich people, so as to seize them quickly. I have to say, this look is disgusting.

American and Western countries, which are also under the banner of paying the most attention to "freedom of speech", used government power and the advantage of controlling mainstream media to restrict and block the voice of Russian media and netizens, and control the voice channels of Russian public opinion, including social media platforms YouTube and Facebook, which blocked all Russian news organizations. Meta, Google and other companies banned Russian media from operating on their platforms. And tweets from Russian media on Twitter were also isolated. It is reported that Russia had asked Facebook to stop independent fact checking and content marking of four Russian media. Facebook not only refused this reasonable request, but then announced that it would restrict the spread of Russia Today and Sputnik news agency & radio in Europe. A series of restrictions followed, and the official Russian media had nowhere to tell. It's hard to make people suspicious. Why should the United States control the trend of public opinion? What is he afraid of? What is he trying to cover up?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is fundamentally caused by the contradiction between the United States and Russia. Ukraine is just a pawn for the United States to strategically contain Russia. Whether the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine is overthrown or Ukraine wants to join NATO, the United States will participate in the behind-the-scenes operation. As the largest hacker empire in the world, the United States can easily use quantum attack technology to attack all the Internet. In other words, as long as you use social platforms, America can get your every move. Ironically, even America's allies can't be separated from America's surveillance. Therefore, in this cyber war between Russia and Ukraine, there is little room for negotiation between Russia and Ukraine.

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    1. Nuttyb10ke Jun 2, 2022
      Terrorist USA.... The United States of Global Terrorism. And the people cheer their president and chant USA USA USA, just like the Nazi's. Every other country on earth who knew what their country was doing, (supplying, recruiting, arming, training terrorists) who've slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, would all be out on the streets in the millions protesting it stops! I blame all of this 100% on the American people, as it's the truth.

      In 2015, Russia exposed the USA to the American people, and the entire world, for supporting terrorists in Syria, and that forced the USA, to admit to the whole world, that they had recruited — Trained — Armed — Supplied — Protected — Paid — and used, brutal terrorists, the “Free Syria Army”, (sorry I forgot, today, the Americans like the term “moderate head chopping fake rebels”), it's only terrorists to the rest of this world, mistake. Yet not one American has ever condemned it, not one has done the right thing, and stood up against it, or even protested against it, as every other society on earth, would be doing, if any of our governments were forced to admit what the USA admitted.

      Far from seeing anyone of them, protest against it, what is the reality, what do we really see? We see millions of Americans cheering their criminal president, and we see millions of Americans chanting USA USA USA, (just like Nazi's today), and we have never seen a single American, stand up against it.

      2018, Teresa May announces British strikes on Syria, within 3 hours, literally hundreds of thousands of people are stood outside Parliament protesting against it.
      2018, Emmanuel Macron announces French strikes on Syria, later that evening in Paris, hundreds of thousands of people are protesting against it.
      2015, Russia exposes the USA to the American people and the entire world for supporting and supplying terrorists in Syria, and still, 6 years later, not one American has even condemned it??, let alone protested against it??.

      The truth is, something that seems to be forgotten today, but what was the most asked question after WW2?, a question asked all the way into the early 1980s?

      "Why did the German people do nothing"?

      And today, we can understand why the German people did what they did?. They were starving to death with the harshness of the Versailles treaty, while also dying in large numbers during the great depression, so quite naturally, they'd of supported absolutely anything that offered them hope! These American people have no such excuse. The only society we've ever seen do this before in modern history, not even protest against their own country's killing, (once the people found out), was indeed Nazi Germany 1933-1945, and that's the only time in modern history the people of any society, have done what these American people are today.

      This is the biggest problem facing this world today, the American people don't know right from wrong any more! And why? It's so easy to work out? The (people) of any society, only ever need to remember one simple thing, that the easy way to figure out the right from the wrong in any likely war scenario, is to ask yourself what you'd be fighting for, because the answer to that question should be showing you whose right, and whose wrong? If they just ask themselves, that if the USA went to war today, against either Russia or China, then what would they be fighting for? Then ask themselves what the Russians and Chinese would be fighting for, they'd come to find they'll all be fighting for their freedom, fighting for their own country's freedom, while the Americans will only be fighting for attempted American tyranny, and that's no different from Nazi Tyranny!

      But that's what they're all, in effect, supporting today?, and if they really can't see that? Well, all I can say to that, is, the Nazi was just like that, they couldn't see it either! They'll all be seen by history, as the Axis powers, (trying for American Tyranny over the rest of the world). While the rest of the world will all be seen by history, as the allied powers, fighting against attempted American tyranny, for their own freedom, and their own country's freedom? That's the truth and the REALITY.

      But the truth will always out, and that truth today is, it's the American people themselves who are all at fault today, as it's up to them to demand their government stops this, nobody else can do that! Only they can, but these cowards won't!
    2. Nuttyb10ke Jun 2, 2022
      I can take this further, and link it quite beautifully, with 9/11. How weird is that? Not weird at all actually, but again, rather obvious when we open our eyes? 9/11, was all about the US government needing to change some terms of the US Constitution. To carry out what you've just read above, the USA would need use of their military without needing congressional approval, otherwise, their idea/plan of a single world currency, would be dead in the water. 9/11 answers that question. And this is how they did that...

      The American government's plan, all along with 9/11, was to create fear across the USA, making the American people feel very insecure, and then asking them to allow a change in the American Constitution, (it then allowed them to go to war without congressional approval), thus allowing them to attack any country with their fake ''war on terror'' (should be renamed "War of Terror").

      The USA's CIA created Al-Qaeda, and also later, ISIS. This is how the USA managed to carry out 9/11 on themselves. - The USA's CIA creates many of the world's terrorist groups, it's actually pretty obvious how they do it? The CIA embedded themselves in countries across the world through the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. They got to understand the Muslim's mentality and their real beliefs, while also making friends with many known terrorist suspects over the years. This led to the CIA arming Bin Laden, in the Afghan-Soviet war, after that war, the CIA recruited Bin Laden into their ranks, (to be used as the ''Convincer'') to all the jihadists, who would hear and see him telling them to form a jihad against the USA.

      The CIA then set out recruiting jihadist's all over the world, (as part of Bin Laden's group), getting the jihadists together, & having them all believe they're fighting for Islam and their own State/Caliph, and for their fake extremist leader, Bin Laden, (really CIA). None of the jihadists had any idea that they were really being recruited and used by the CIA, they all believed they were fighting a jihad for a Caliph, for Bin Laden, and for Islam. So if ever captured, they'd never be able to give the USA away, as they had no idea.

      When those groups grew, and when the CIA had got full control, they had to silence Bin Laden, (as any mention of it to the wrong person), could well get the wrong people asking questions, and that could lead to the discovery of what was really going on. They couldn't risk everything they'd managed to achieve, so they killed Bin Laden in the mid-late 90s, this allowed them to keep him going, as if alive, but nobody ever saw him again after 1997. Over the next 4 years, (leading up to 9/11), we would get video footage he had put together, (while in the CIA), of him announcing a jihad against the USA. It was those videos that kept the world, especially the jihadists, and especially the American people, believing he was a mastermind terrorist in a safe house somewhere, (while in all truth, he'd been dead well over a year).

      The CIA then had the perfect storm, they had a dead man they could blame, they had a dead man who was known to commit terrorist acts in countries across the world, and a dead man that jihadists would obey and follow, (that gave the CIA full control). Plus, a dead man they could use as the reason they invaded country after country, "looking for him".

      These jihadist groups don't know they're being recruited and used by the CIA, they've no idea at all, Bin Laden was dead, but only the USA knew that, all the jihadists believed they were fighting a jihad against the USA, at the word of their leader, Bin Laden (must keep remembering that, because it still applies). That allowed the USA to carry out 9/11, and many of the terrorist attacks around the world since, this not only fits with all we see today fit, but it makes perfect sense in all we see today!

      The killing of the (so-called) Bin Laden), was something that had to happen to put it to bed, they'd used that excuse to its max. So in a prearranged fake plan we saw the USA attack that (so-called) Bin Laden campus, that was right next door to a fully operational Pakistani military base, yet we're supposed to believe that nobody heard anything, not even the USA crashing a top-secret multi-million dollar helicopter, as they "supposedly" carried out a special forces raid (on an old bearded man the CIA had dragged in from Guantánamo Bay as the scapegoat for the long dead Bin Laden, an hour or so before this farcical affair. And then came the obvious lies, lies that obviously had to come., lies that surely show us the truth?

      The USA would not let anyone get near to the so-called Bin Laden's body, or to publish any photos, other than one picture, already proven to be fake? Now, ask yourselves why would the USA not want the entire world to see, and have proven to them, that this so-called Bin Laden, was dead, and indeed, that was him?, (not some poor sod, shipped in from Guantánamo Bay to be the scapegoat fake Bin Laden). The USA's reasoning to not allow anyone to test this so-called Bin Laden's DNA (surely alarm bells are screaming), or to allow anyone to even get close to the body, seems to show us all this is only more lies and deceit from the criminal US government?.

      But what this should have done is made every American very suspicious, as this is such an obvious lie, yet it didn't, it basically became accepted because no one could prove otherwise, the body was taken away within hours and buried at sea, with the USA's pitiful excuse claiming it was done to prevent his grave from becoming a site of martyrs. Oh sure!, more like it was done to stop anyone from trying to get this dead man's DNA?. The USA has invaded many countries right across the world while killing millions of Innocent people, and all while using the search for Bin Laden as their excuse. It's so obviously a lie!

      Today, it's Abu Al Baghdadi (CIA), and so it goes on to where we are today. And still, the terrorist, the jihadist, ISIS, have no Idea they're mere cannon fodder for the USA's CIA. They still believe, like Al-Qaeda did, that they're fighting against the USA, Syria, Russia, Iran, and Iraq, for their Caliph for Islam, and for their fake extremist leader Abu Al Baghdadi, really (CIA).

      I know the USA claim they killed him (and probably have), like Bin Laden was killed long before 9/11 even happened. It will be Al Baghdadi the 59th next, after all, they must have claimed to have killed him at least 58 times before? LMAO. I mean, again, anyone, tell me this is wrong? Only AGAIN, the problem you now have is, you can't tell me I'm wrong?, because, again, this actually makes much more sense, than anything you've ever heard coming from any government?

      Everybody should listen to every word of this interview. Listen to this man inform you all about the reality you are all facing today? And you can't tell me this guy is wrong? He worked with many of these very same criminals. YouTube's search: Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Washington's path to war against Russia.
    3. Nuttyb10ke Jun 2, 2022
      Every one of us in the west have been hijacked and duped by a group of outright criminals. Over these last 30 years, each politician in the USA, in Europe, and commonwealth countries, have been carrying out a plan they've put in place knowing our economies are based on nothing and had to collapse. They'd worked out long ago, the only way for them to prevent total collapse of the west, was to force in a single world currency. What we've seen, is, all western governments, with the mainstream media following the same scripted lies, the same agenda, and that's unprecedented in history, so, surely we do know that all of this has got to be leading to something huge, something catastrophic?

      After the collapse of the USSR, the west had no real enemy left, and it was thought that China wouldn't become a global force for another 50 years, yet the USA continued to build more military, and continued to gain more military bases throughout the world. With no real enemy left?, why would they do that? The USA and the west have known for a long time, the only way to prevent the west from complete collapse, is, a single world currency, it would see the USA and the west, overnight, become completely debt free, (this also explains the USA's enormous military overspending, and allowing China to purchase so much US debt, with so many US government bonds - $1.2 trillion). It would see the USA and the west, achieve, full global military control, as well as, full global financial control, (a very nice achievement some fool might argue). In other words, that's effectively “Western Tyranny”, that's no different from Nazi tyranny.

      The US dollar is the world's reserve currency, and it's used by many countries to sell/purchase their energy etc, meaning that trillions, of dollars, are kept for their energy purchasing. That allowed the USA to print billions of dollars, without ever showing the real rate of inflation that would arise from such massive currency printing, but because much of the US currency sits in banks all over the world, those dollars would never find their way into the actual US economy, (meaning the USA could hide and keep the real level of inflation well below the rate It really always should have been). Only the problem is, that today many countries are buying their energy in other currencies or gold, not the US dollar, so they'll dump, exchange all those dollars they've held for so many years, replacing them with the gold or the currency they're going to use.

      And when those trillions, of dollars filter back into the main US economy, the inflation will explode as it can't be hidden any more. It's going to see hyperinflation, and the price of a loaf of bread, will skyrocket to over $100, crippling the USA and Europe as we've never seen before, the bottom line really is, it will see the USA and much of the west in massive debt for hundreds of years to come, yet with no way of creating any more debt. It will all be over! And this is exactly why we're seeing this attempt to drag Russia, and also China, into a war. As I'll also explain. After the collapse of the USSR, the west was bribing Yeltsin all throughout the 1990s, while also helping to dismantle Russia's military, even gaining access into Russian nuclear silos.

      They helped to sell off many Russian resources, (in illegal corrupted auctions), carried out by the CIA, (with their “in pocket” Oligarchs), and it ended with the USA really believing Russia couldn't ever become a threat to them again. Only they were wrong, and they can't force in a single world currency, with the likes of both Russia and China's nuclear threat saying get lost. So the only action they have left, is to defeat both China and Russia, to then remove their nuclear threat and force in a single world currency.

      They nearly had it done with the collapse of the USSR. What a bonus that was, it meant they could do it without war! But they messed that right up, because the USA took their eye off one man — Putin. The United States really believed they had finished Russia off after the collapse of the USSR, to the point that Russia couldn't ever become a threat to them again. They all helped to keep Russia in a state of pandemonium through Yeltsin's reign, believing they had sealed Russia's fate to the toilet. When Putin came to power, the USA could not work him out, but when they invaded Iraq, and Putin (craftily as it bought him the time he needed), did not veto them, they believed Russia was still subservient to the west, and Putin was just a pushover like Yeltsin.

      History will come to see Putin's tactic of not vetoing the Iraq invasion, as genius, and as world changing, as he completely fooled the west that Russia was not any sort of potential threat, and that really damaged their plans. As, while the USA was invading countries all over the world, with their "war on terror" excuse. Putin had quietly begun creating Russia an extremely effective military defence, and upgraded all Russian weaponry to a level able to hold its own, If not beat, any other nation on the planet. The US and the west, blind to this, carried on as they used NATO to murder Gaddafi, carried on, as they kept Iraq destabilized, (by transferring well known terrorist commanders into Iraq from Guantánamo Bay, in the hundreds), to help keep it in chaos over the next decade.

      They then set their sights on Syria, and were preparing for a ground invasion, (as with Iraq), when out of the blue, Putin vetoed that action, stopping them in their tracks, (and they then took a much closer look at Russia). When they'd understood how they'd misread Putin, they then set out to demonize him across the world. But it still left the US and the west unable to use ground troops in Syria.

      This is when we saw the US start the troubles in Ukraine. We saw the CIA with their neo-Nazi recruited thugs start the protests in Ukraine. The USA were all upbeat about Yanukovych winning the Presidency, because he had shown an interest in joining the EU, and it was only when he decided to go to Russia and asked for a loan, stating he was trying to work on a closer relationship with Russia, did all this really kick off. Then those trained thugs started to murder people, they rampaged through Kiev while claiming Yanukovych was a thief, a tyrant, and Putin's puppet, (they said none of this when he showed an interest in the EU, all these accusations started after he asked Russia for a loan), they forced Yanukovych to flee to Russia in fear of his life. Then they got the Ukrainian parliament to impeach Yanukovych (who were obviously under threat to do so, as the vote came back 300+ to zero).

      The west who have caused all the trouble in Ukraine (knowingly and purposely, as Victoria Nuland's phone call revealed to the world), blame Russia, and in effect, they illegally issue sanctions against Russia, (for reasons they have not been able to prove, or even attempted to prove)! Because it's just a financial tool used for stealing and used many times by the west, but It also shows Russia they're prepared to force a war.

      In Syria the US and the west decided to use proxy's in the form of terrorists, they recruited, trained, armed, paid and then sent these terrorists into Syria to murder people, everyday normal people, working people, people just like you or me, they murdered people in the streets, they took over towns and cities through Syria by murder and butchery, and it was all done long before we saw ISIS cross into Syria from Iraq.

      This is all about the west's attempt at global military and financial dominance (Tyranny). If the USA dollar collapses, then so does the Euro, and the Pound. Things have dramatically changed over these last 30 years, and changed to such an extent, It sees us today becoming exactly what we fought the second world war to prevent. That's the bottom line of what we're really facing.

      Putin knows all he needs is time, he must avoid getting into a war with the USA, but never lay down to them, he knows that sooner rather than later, It's all got to start to collapse, so he'll try to avoid war and let us crumble (Russia had to start again, they did not cause a war, they just collapsed). But the west know that's what he's doing, so we've seen them provoke and provoke Russia, they've non-stop encroached further and further towards Russia's borders, using NATO's ridiculous excuse of protecting the Baltic's from Russian aggression.

      We've already witnessed Putin, FOUR times, seriously, and clearly warn them to stop this nonsense!, and we've purposely ignored him every time. Because these assholes don't want compromise, they don't want talks, they don't want peace, they must have war to remove Russia's nuclear threat to force in a single world currency, or we all completely collapse! This Is the truth no one wants to admit, and the truth you see avoided completely! But, you only need to remember, for all Western governments and mainstream media to be following the same scripted lies (unprecedented in history) we simply must know the reason is huge! ... It is!

      Just think about it for a moment, you'll soon understand it, because now you'll understand everything you've witnessed the USA saying and doing. In fact, after reading this, you can go back and look at everything that has happened leading up to now, and you'll now understand all of it. Things that made no sense at the time, things you never really understood, now become very clear. It becomes obvious exactly what the USA and the West are really doing, you'll now know why they're doing it.

      Only then?, well then, you'll also realize that we will never stop, because we can't, or we're bankrupt to the point of complete collapse. So many don't want to believe it, because of what it really means, so they deny it, only they should think and remember, by denying it, they're basically waiting for war!. And they're denying what's actually staring them straight in the face!

      I mean, anyone, tell me I'm wrong? I'd love to be wrong! Only the problem you have now, is, you actually can't tell me I'm wrong, because this actually makes much more sense, than anything you've ever heard coming from any of our criminal governments? And now, doesn't the whole picture become as clear as day?