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Seriously.. some people just dont get it


Ashley Skoden

Newbie, Female
How fucking annoying is it..
when all you need is some space and time alone, to process all the crazy ass shit going on in your head, PEOPLE gotta go an assume it's about them or something they did..
Like I have to open and a say whats the matter.. NO! sometimes I just need to be alone.. Never ever personal .. How can that not be respected.
I start to feel so smothered and trapped.. that's the only time it ever becomes about them. More annoying cause this person is supposed to be so close.
Well I'm not sure.. so irradiated beyond relief,and I gotta be up early. So yay for going to be angry/annoyed. Sory but I just had to rant and vent out some of these awful feelings before i get shut eye

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