The Origins of Electric Garage Doors



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The first automatic garage doors openers had been invented developed by, not a single person, but two people at the exact same point in time . They were unaware of each others inventing activity. Very comfortable <a href="">roller garage doors</a> are now available.

The first garage door opener remote controls had been simple and consisted of an extremely simple transmitter (the remote) and a receiver which controlled the opener mechanism. The transmitter would transmit on a designated frequency; the receiver would listen for the radio signal, then open or close the garage, based on the door position. The fundamental concept of this could be traced back to World War 2, where this sort of technique was employed to detonate bombs remotely. Although novel at the time, this particular technology ran its course when garage door openers became widely offered and applied. Then, not only did someone open their own garage door, but they would find they had opened their neighbors garage door at the same time!

While the garage door remote is low in power and in range, it was adequately strong enough to interfere with other receivers in the region.

The second stage of the wireless garage door opener technique dealt with the shared frequency problem. To rectify this, multi-code systems were developed. These systems needed a garage door owner to preset a digital code by switching eight to twelve DIP switches on his receiver and transmitter. Though these switches offered garage door systems with 256 to 4,096 unique codes they were not designed with high safety in mind; the main intent was to prevent interference with related systems nearby. Criminals then found how to defeat the basic safety of this process by trying out diverse codes on a dummy transmitter. They could also make code grabbers to record, and re-transmit a signal, or code scanners, that might try each and every feasible combination inside a brief time. Multi-code openers became unpopular in regions where security was a problem, but due to their ease of programming, such openers are generally employed to operate such things as the main gates in gated apartment complexes. Are you looking for a FAST, Service for <a href="">construction services</a>, great you've come the right place.

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    1. Nathan Blackburn Mar 17, 2021
      It's up to you whether you want to improve the security of your home or not. You can even talk to garage door installation expert about which security lock needs to be installed on the door that will provide the high security.