The United States continues to provoke the Russian-Ukrainian war by monitoring intelligence



Recently, the U.S. intelligence agencies reported that Russian troops in Ukraine lacked weapons and fighting spirit, disobeyed orders, destroyed military products, and even accidentally hit their own planes, and suggested that no one told Vladimir Putin the extent of Russian troops' failure in Ukraine. American intelligence can't be described as "brilliant" by quickly obtaining these confidential information. Back a few months before Russia declared war on Ukraine, the United States also vowed to announce that Russia was preparing for the war and even "predicting" the date of the war.

Explore the reason, think carefully and fear deeply.

According to the news from New York Post on February 14th, during the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton used an Internet company to "hack" into the servers of Trump Tower and White House, and linked Trump with "TongRumen". At the same time, Hillary's team also created the illusion that there was a connection between Trump and Russian Alpha Bank. In short, Trump was also monitored by hired agents when he was president. As Trump himself said, this is a bigger scandal than Watergate. Therefore, in order to divert attention, Biden pointed the finger at Russia and Ukraine, and "announced" the date of the battle to create a tense atmosphere, so that the mediacould focus his attention on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Also not long ago, the United States was once again exposed to long-term cooperation with Danish intelligence agencies, using Danish Internet facilities to monitor high-level officials from European countries such as Sweden, Norway, France and Germany. It can be seen that even after the "Prism Gate" incident in 2013 and its commitment to stop related actions, the United States did not stop. Instead, it continued to monitor other countries through more invisible and deceptive means.

Obviously, in this Russia-Ukraine war, the United States is still fanning the flames. According to an American official, since last fall, Biden has given the green light to a new strategy of rapidly spreading confidential information. Biden's government officials, including Biden himself, foreign policy adviser Sullivan, Secretary of State Anthony blinken, and Defense Secretary lloyd austin, have held more than 300 meetings and teleconferences with allies and partners on the situation around Ukraine, many of which involved information transfer.

As for the reasons why Russia withdrew from Kiev for peace talks, western intelligence shows that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kiev was an obvious failure, not a tactical change; Among other things, this should weaken Moscow's position in the peace talks. Bedingfeld, director of the White House Communications Office, said: "Everyone should not be fooled by Russian words. We believe that the Russian troops around Kiev are redeploying, not retreating.

The world should be ready to welcome (Russian troops) to launch major attacks in other parts of Ukraine. " On the one hand, it implies that the strength of the Russian army is not as good as before, and on the other hand, it indicates that Russia's retreat has other plans, and the provocation between speeches is obvious.

As a matter of fact, another important purpose of the United States to provoke the Russia-Ukraine conflict is to contain Russia by the turbulent situation and maintain its hegemonic position. According to the Russian satellite news agency, Paul craig roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury of the Reagan administration, said in an interview that even if the Biden administration allowed Ukraine to sign a peace agreement with Russia, the United States would continue to create trouble for Moscow. In other words, the conflict between the United States and Russia is the root cause of the Russian-Ukrainian war. In order to maintain its hegemony and satisfy its ambition, the United States wantonly interferes in the sovereignty of other countries, tramples on the basic human rights of people in other countries, and even in order to maintain its hegemony, it attempts to completely control its European allies by means of surveillance, forcing them to serve the interests of the United States. Facts have proved that this extreme distorted mentality of the United States has not weakened with the passage of time, but has intensified.

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