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Tppro is a leading Vietnamese company when it comes to the distribution of smart home appliances and other important automation equipment. They have gained popularity among customers because of the quality of the product they provide. An employee from the company shares information about the eye sensor tap. Due to the sudden surge in technology, the world is seeing a drift in society as many people are leaning towards a technologically driven life. Tppro which is the company for smart appliances made an eye sensor tap. To convert a standard tap to a technologically advanced tap, a combination of various smart devices is required. However, this can be costly, so it is highly advisable to only use the faucet sensor. This type of sensor is not only affordable but is more efficient to use as well. One doesn’t need to replace all the old faucet device to convert their tap into an intelligent tap. Using a faucet sensor will help enormously. The eye sensor consists of mainly three parts.

The body of the faucet device consists of an integrated super-sensitive dual eye sensor. When a person puts his or her hand inside the washbasin, the valve will automatically flush. Whereas, on taking hands out, the valve will stop rinsing. In case, hands are not taken away from the washbasin, water will automatically stop water after 1 minute. One can use eye sensor faucets with several types of common faucets like stainless steel hose, plastic hose, etc. Faucet sensor eye is highly convenient as it is easy to install, one can easily replace it, and above it comes at an affordable price. It is because of all these properties, faucet sensor eye is used in the private kitchen, hospitals, schools, etc. An employee from the company then talks about the strengths and weaknesses of using a faucet sensor.

One of the biggest advantages of using a faucet sensor is that one doesn’t have to worry about whether they turned off the tap or water is still flowing as the faucet sensor will automatically turn off the water in one minute. This doesn’t mean forgetting to turn off the water is a good habit. Using a faucet sensor helps in saving water. A faucet eye sensor is the best solution for families that have children that love to play with water. Water will automatically turn off in one minute, so babies or young children will not be able to waste water.

There is no such weakness of using this sensor, however, applying it to the washbasin might hinder the continuity of the design. If someone owns a luxurious place, then this sensor will not fit there.

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Tppro is one of the top companies in Vietnam when it comes to the distribution of smart appliances in the country.

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