We need the time we already have



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We live in such mixed times… in a world that unfolds with incredible speed, sometimes hard to keep up.

Do you feel that too? We live in times when we have so many expectations from technology, but we forget to rely on each other. We are so preoccupied with exposing our romanticized lives on social media, sharing our pictures and thoughts, caring for others, but we forget what it's like to feel joy and emotion in real life.

We delude ourselves that we have hundreds of friends on the internet. We often engage in online conversations and debates, but not face to face. We compare our lives with those of others, we compare ourselves as we would like to be, we deceive ourselves, we take refuge for hours on social networks, so that we almost forget who we really are.

We waste tens of hours a week online… and then we complain that we don't have TIME anymore. Lack of time is the most common excuse, although the world has evolved in our favor, although we have so many devices and technologies that make our lives easier, that save us time! Everything is happening much faster and simpler now. The messages arrive immediately, the information is just a click away, everything is much more handy than in the past… and yet we complain about time!

Life unfolds at high-speed. We are apparently overloaded. With work, traffic, consumerism, information, news, stress. We try to keep up with a world that is moving too fast. We are constantly trying not to be left behind, not to be left out and so we end up in a continuous chase.

Have you ever thought that TIME is not working against us, we're doing this? That we are not as overloaded as we claim, but we sink ourselves into useless things? We want more hours in a day, but we don't know how to appreciate the ones we have. We waste them. We complain about a time crisis, but we overload ourselves with so many unnecessary things…

I set myself a goal in 2021, in my life. I'll start with less time online, more offline. To spend more time outdoors in the open air. I'll start by proposing that I no longer keep pace, but rather slow down a bit. Don't rush anywhere! This year I'll try to control my time better, to get more deep breaths, to find my own calm and peace… and not to complain that I don't have time. This year I will learn to have TIME for what really matters!

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