What Do Safety Vest Colors Mean?



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When we go to workplaces such as industry or construction, we can find that the workers there usually wear brightly colored clothes and other safety equipment.

It's easy to see that there are two colors of safety vests that we use most often: fluorescent yellow and orange. But do you know what these colors mean?

We can only realize that these two fluorescent colors are used for exposure so that people can see clearly from a certain range. Bold colors make it easy for employees to notice and in this way can play a vital role in reducing security risks.

In this article, I'll introduce you to two types of safety jackets, exactly what they are, and when to use them.

There are yellow and orange safety vests. Do you know the difference between these two colors? What color safety vest should you choose?
A yellow safety vest

Yellow safety vests, which are actually fluorescent yellow, are often used to avoid safety accidents for workers in dangerous working conditions. Yellow safety vests are mainly used at night because yellow is one of the easiest colors for the human eye to see, and it's the color that the human brain picks up on, which is why it's used in most warning signs, hazard ICONS, and personal safety devices.

Yellow safety vests are suitable for: construction workers, emergency responders, and employees working outdoors.

An orange safety vest

The orange safety vest is actually fluorescent orange, brightly colored, and easily visible from a distance. Used during the day, the open area, in contrast to the blue sky and green environment, is easily detected from the surrounding atmosphere.

The orange safety vest is suitable for: traffic lights, construction, and construction site employees.

When it comes to choosing what color of safety vest, need according to your own work and work time to choose. In addition, in order to increase the sense of presence, it is recommended that you choose a reflective product safety vest. Buying an eye-catching safety vest is a smart health investment that will keep you safe in the future at work. So be sure to choose a quality safety vest made of durable materials. Safety vests and all other kinds of personal protective equipment in the workplace for the workers' personal safety and security are essential.

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