Why You Need Staff Augmentation Services for Your Business to Grow in 2021


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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is about taking skillsets previously employed, finding ways to utilize those skillsets within an organization. Creating a talent and the talent retrieval process for your company to produce assets that are uniquely theirs. With most companies struggling in this current business and economic cycle, it is important that staff augmentation is a realistic option for businesses to consider.

Staff augmentation services can be found across numerous industries from United States government sectors, finance, defense, and manufacturing industries. Based on a three-step process that has been proven to create success over many years within this type of industry; over 1,000 companies only agreed to an outsourcing of their workforce, which was completed in 90 days, 8 months, and 18 months. This was not an easy choice, and the results noted, not at all a very successful ROI for the organizations involved. It is because, there is a lot of extra work involved between finding a consultant and recruiting and determining who the consultant should be, what the compensation will be, a nozzle form for ensuring a successful outcome; however, the ROI is substantial.

Staff augmentation is a term used to describe talent acquisition, it is concerned with specific positions that are either temporary or will expire within one, three, and five years. In today's world, more and more organizations will determine the talents they need for several different positions, and staff augmentation is no different.

Staff augmentation is about acquiring skillsets that are always on the market? an organization just doesn't have time with any of the jobs scheduled today. Staff augmentation can also be broken up into six major categories, the first two being; recruitment, detecting, diagnosing, understanding, and developing; staff augmentation is a dynamic collaboration between an organization and the recruitment agency. Recruitment agency has to have a no holds barred approach to finding the right talent because it is sales, they have to get results, they need a talent pool to call upon, talent acquisition has to be preceded by talent.

Staff augmentation can also be sold as a staffing option, a recruitment firm has several advantages that recruiting is not able to give them, recruiting ends up with unwanted or under-qualified candidates, costly mistakes are made and talent retention is difficult, staff augmentation comes into play at this part of the process.
Many companies have their end of the most valuable employees, having to be replaced a hiring process becomes even more of a numbers game. If you have already ended up with not enough talent, the staff augmentation option may be the right choice for you.

Why Staff Augmentation services?
Staff augmentation companies can help companies with a large number of labor pool needs. They gain from this growth with the clients; over time, the client wins more with fewer investments. Staff augmentation specialties are non-white collar, clerical as well as front-line skills. Staff augmentation is becoming a growing area within the staffing industry because it can work to any size organization from the largest production line to the smaller company. If you find that your staffing costs are too high, staff augmentation has been proven to be a more cost-effective way of staffing than hiring.

Staff augmentation allows anyone a competitive edge, as your abilities are enriched and your recruiter has the information, they can match the talent to the specific needs of the clients, providing many more candidates than other staffing companies are capable of recommending. Staff augmentation is a two-step process within a recruiting agency, front-line recruitments are the first step, hiring the employees and completing the remainder of the process. Advertising for new employees, providing candidates, collecting the applicable payroll taxes are a few smaller steps that a staffing company can take towards a complete staffing solution.

Before choosing the outsourcing partner, make sure to conduct extensive market research to find the best-suited company. With many years of experience in staff augmentation, Wolf Matrix skilled teams are always ready to help you build a fantastic team for you. If you want to work with us, use the contact form to get in touch.

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