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Wow...so im back.



Newbie, Male
Back in the day I used to spend every day every minute of every day on nexopia. I had a Blog full of poetry that I wrote I had something I called dieles diary which I wrote in everyday about my struggles with dealing with being a recovering drug addict at the time. I had some of the best friends I've ever had in my life and I still talk to them. To randomly today I checked out nexopia for the first time in years and lo and behold its telling me I can have my old account back! So I got my old account back minus a lot of my blog posts. And took a look around. It appears that nexopia has become a community again and I am so proud that it has still got an effect on some people. This was the place that all social media started for most people. Before Facebook before Twitter before Snapchat or whenever the hell kids are using nowadays. back when I was an original nexopia user. Going back damn near 15 years or so.

It's good to be back
DBM 2018

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