Forum Rules


Nudity is not tolerated on Nexopia. This includes posting images or videos, links or broken links to sites that feature these images or videos, or discussing nude images or videos, with or without the intent to distribute.

Nudity includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Full frontal nudity; including any visible genitalia, female nipple, visible pubic hair and pubic region are not allowed.
  • Bare butt; including butt crack.
  • Penetration or implied penetration.
  • Realistic cartoons or diagrams featuring any of the aforementioned body parts or acts.

Nudity does NOT include:
  • Naked back, providing that all other areas are properly covered.
  • Camel-toe and penis outline through pants or underwear, providing that the penis is not erect.

Implied nudity (where areas are strategically covered by any item that is not standard clothing) is ONLY allowable if all of the following conditions are met:
  • The model must be visibly 25+ (meaning that they would not be asked for ID if they entered a licensed establishment)
  • The image itself must be a professional-looking shot.
  • Nipples and genitals must be covered.

If the image does not meet these conditions, it will be treated as regular nudity.
The solicitation of nude images includes:
  • Asking another user for nudity
  • Claiming to have media that constitutes nudity
  • Discussing nudity that has been seen or posted


Violence, for this purpose, is referred to as the application or implied application of force to another individual, its tools, or its outcome. Threats or promises of violent actions are also prohibited.

Violence includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Content that depicts a violent act.
  • Content that depicts weapons, or an object used in a weapon-like manner, unless presented in a non-threatening manner.

Violence does NOT include:
  • Weapons that are CLEARLY not real weapons (water guns with colourful bulb, paintball guns with visible hopper or CO2 canister, etc.), or shown as part of employment when used in a non-threatening manner (police officer, military, etc. as long as weapons are secure).


Images and videos, or links to either media, containing bodily fluids and hard or excessive amounts of drugs are strictly prohibited.

Bodily fluids includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Blood and internal organs and fluids.
  • Excrements, such as urine, feces or vomit.

Hard or excessive amounts of drugs include but ARE NOT LIMITED to:
  • Large amounts of marijuana (anything more than 1g).
  • Illegal street drugs, including cocaine, heroine, methamphetamines, etc.
  • Images that indicate the use of common household items as intoxicants (ex. Drinking Lysol or cough medicine in extreme quantities from their original containers, etc.)
  • Solicitation of drugs is also prohibited, and in most cases illegal, and therefore not tolerated within forums. If any user receives more than one ban for soliciting drugs, we may pass along their information to the police.


Content that refers to another by use of racial or stereotypical means in a derogatory or offensive manner is prohibited. If the intent of any statement is to offend, it will be treated as such. Moderators will not assume that anyone is "just kidding" in regard to any discriminatory statement. Discriminatory statements are not acceptable in any context, regardless of your own race, religion, gender, or sexual preference.

Racism and Discrimination includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Use of racial or discriminatory slurs, remarks or jokes.
  • Promoting hate, intolerance or motivated actions towards another group or minority.
  • Advocating the teachings of historically racial or discriminatory groups or events, as well as using symbols of any racial or discriminatory leader, group or organization.
  • Discrimination is not limited to race or religion, but also includes gender and sexual preference.

Racism and Discrimination does NOT include:
  • A rational, unbiased discussion regarding the actions that took place by any racial or discriminatory historical figure, group or organization, provided that it does not advocate or support either group involved. This also includes the use of any symbols, as long as kept within strict context.


Spam includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Creating threads in excess or with no discussable topic.
  • Repeating or quoting the same post(s)
  • Repeatedly posting one-worded responses or emoticons.
  • Creating threads or posting in Binary.
  • Creating threads with a blank thread title.


Flaming and harassment is not tolerated in the majority of forums. The two forums that are exempt from this rule are Attention Seekers and Teens. User forums may allow flaming and harassment at their discretion, but forums may not be created that advocated the harassment or flaming of any specific individual, group, or organization, and forums that are found to be created or used for this purpose will be confiscated. User forums may ban for flaming and harassment as they deem necessary, but we will not be issuing global bans for flaming in user forums.

Flaming and harassment is considered to be any insult directed at any person or group of people. While arguments can and do occur within forums, they should be taken to private messages, and not carried out within the forums.


Public forums are not the place to be posting personal information, and at no point may you give out personal information that is not your own. When you post your own personal information, you assume all of the risks involved in doing so.

Personal information includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Phone numbers of any kind, not including commonly used numbers such as 9-11 or 4-11.
  • Physical or numerical addresses of any kind.
  • Last names
  • Private email addresses.
  • Private messages that include the username of the person who sent the message (unless you are the sender), or any identifying information that would lead us to the user who sent the message. You must star out the username if you wish to post a private message.


Pirating software, music and movies, though illegal, is primarily your own business, so we ask that you keep it that way and out of our forums.

Piracy includes but IS NOT LIMITED to:
  • Discussion of where to get torrents or warez. This includes telling people what sites they can get torrents or warez from (whether you link them or not), or linking to torrent or warez websites. This includes sites for software, music, and movie downloads, as well as serial numbers, cracks or programs that will produce these things.
  • Suggesting "acquiring" or "freely obtaining" copyrighted material (ex. Software, music, movies).
  • Asking how to run, install, or crack pirated software.

Piracy does NOT include:
  • Discussion of torrent clients (ex. BitTorrent protocol, etc.)
  • Discussion of a torrent site is allowed to an extent. For example, if TPB is getting sued again, then by all means, feel free to discuss it.
  • Discussion regarding or links torrent sites that contain ONLY legitimately free content.