4 reasons coronavirus is hitting black communities so hard

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    A Washington Post analysis of early data from jurisdictions across the country found that the novel coronavirus appears to be affecting — and killing — black Americans at a disproportionately high rate compared to white Americans. Majority black counties have three times the rate of infections and nearly six times the rate of deaths as majority white counties, according to the analysis. “Why is it three or four times more so for the black community as opposed to other people?” President Trump asked at Tuesday’s White House task force briefing. “It doesn’t make sense, and I don’t like it, and we are going to have statistics over the next probably two to three days.” But based on what we know about the inequities in many black communities, it does make sense. The Fix dug in to better understand why the coronavirus is apparently killing black Americans at a faster rate than other groups. Here are some of the main causes.

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