An American laboratory, source of the new coronavirus?

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    Chinese health officials say active COVID-19 cases fell below 1,000 for the first time. At the daily press conference, a Chinese researcher analyzed speculation that COVID-19 originated from a United States laboratory.

    “We have observed speculation online that the biochemical research base at Fort Detrick, Maryland may be the source of the novel coronavirus. The United States has not responded to it, so we cannot pass judgment. Tracing the source of a virus is a scientific matter, and its purpose is to prevent a similar occurrence that would harm mankind. Scientists around the world are currently working to find the source of the coronavirus. Many opinions and academic hypotheses have been expressed about it. It is also something that Chinese scientists are working on to provide scientific evidence for prevention and control efforts, "said Shi Yi, a researcher at the Institute of Microbiology of China. 'Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Shi Yi said that finding the source of the viruses was a difficult task with many uncertainties. He clarified that this research could take several decades of research with the possibility of inconclusive results. He believes that from now on, the world should focus on preventing and controlling COVID-19.

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