Banh Mi is the best sandwich in me - Speciality of Viet Nam

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    Being considered as “Best sandwich in the world” – Hoi An Banh Mi is kind of street food that most visitors wat to try most among Hoi An local food. It can be admited that Banh Mi is presented for those who need simple, fast and convenient food with meticulous process.
    Although Banh Mi is a snack, but it requires a meticulous process, with many different stages. Then take a loaf of bread with all the ingredients inside, you probably know about how the Hoi An people make bread and enjoy it. If one of the insects is missing, the loaf will lose its flavor.
    Bread is always hot, ensuring the brittle but not too hard of the crust and the softness, toughness of the powder inside. Instead of using cold meat as in other places, the highlight of Hoi An bread is the spicy. An important part with the fleshy meat contributes to the unique scent of Hoi An bread that is pate. The process of pate processing is also very wonderful. There are also picking hand avocados from chicken eggs and golden oily, fatty and melted oils. It will not make you feel bored.
    Frankly, for the long way trip if you take in Viet Nam such as Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh motorbike rental or Hue to Ha Noi motorbike rental, Banh Mi will be necessary to get the energy whenever you feel tired or exhauted.

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