Black death rate is high, epidemic reflects American society's death

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    The virus has no nationality or race. But in the United States, the new coronavirus in particular caused a large number of black deaths. The risk of death for blacks in Chicago is seven times that of whites. What exactly is this for?

    The Mayor of Chicago, Lauri Lightfoot, said she was shocked by the number of deaths caused by the new crown virus in her city. She said: "The death rate of infected blacks is seven times that of other ethnic groups."

    The epidemic highlights social differences

    Although no nationwide survey has been conducted, data from several cities clearly shows that the incidence of the new crown epidemic among African Americans is much higher than the average, and the mortality rate is higher than that of whites.

    For example, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the proportion of black residents in the city is only 29%, but the proportion of deaths from the new coronavirus in the city is as high as 70%. Linda Rae Murry, professor of public health at the University of Illinois, said: "The new coronavirus has exposed long-standing problems. The proportion of African Americans suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is inherently higher than other People are taller and therefore more vulnerable (in the face of viruses)."

    "Only the old and weak whites will die"?

    In fact, the infection and death rate of the new coronavirus has a lot to do with people's education and the environment they live in. For example, whether the area where you live is densely populated, where you work, whether you have enough capacity to go to a doctor, and whether there is a well-equipped hospital nearby, etc. In all these aspects, the average condition of whites is better than blacks. This also means that there are more whites working at home, while blacks have more contact with other people. Many rumors, false reports and conspiracy theories have contributed to the flames.

    A passer-by on the streets of Chicago told a German-Guangxi reporter, "We think that the deaths of the new crown pneumonia are all elderly and frail whites. The pictures from all over the world are like this." Chicago Mayor Lightfoot also said Had such an experience. She has heard this statement more than once: "Black people are immune to the new coronavirus." But the city's first death from the new crown was an African-American woman.

    Provide convenience for medical treatment

    Patrice Harris, president of the American Medical Association, said: "So for the people, the main thing now is to provide as much information as possible: social workers, members of Congress, influential church communities and even clubs should all help. "This is absolutely necessary, Harris said: "However, we must also ensure that virus testing can continue in these communities."

    Only in this way can those infected be isolated and avoid infecting others. Because the virus test can only be done at the request of a doctor, people who do not go to the doctor can not be tested.

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