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Bring that Lo gfile back Bring back that lo gfile bring back

Discussion in 'Attention Seekers' started by Cib3rNaut, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Cib3rNaut

    Cib3rNaut Guest

    The wood speaks too hard take out the grain bring back the brain make the steps to obtain the stain jump back and trip out the lumber saw and the lumber jack will jump back into the god damn giant opera singing students mind field that controls the wood grain god damn that woodgrain it's to crazy to abstain from bring back the real Wrecky make her hard varnish and polish her. Touch me squeeze me washing me let me make a giant tree out of old socks and tiny dresses that Wrecky wears around town while touching wood and making the wood mutherfucking speak to all the hot boys hot boys need the wood they need the shank they need to feel the bark
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  2. :pee:

    :pee: Guest

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  3. Wrecky

    Wrecky Valkyrie

    Nov 23, 2015
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