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    Larry Romanoff, a columnist for the Canadian research center Global Research, is confident that the coronavirus was created in the United States. The expert even named the location of the biological weapons laboratory.

    According to the journalist, the virus certainly did not originate in the seafood market in Wuhan, China - most likely, it was brought there from outside.

    "The only possible source of the origin of the coronavirus is the United States, because only in this country there are all branches of the evolutionary tree of coronaviruses. The original source of the COVID-19 virus was the US military laboratory in Fort Detrick," Romanoff quotes URA.RU.

    The expert's conclusions are based on studies by Japanese and Taiwanese epidemiologists.

    So, he recalled that in August last year in the United States there was a wave of pneumonia, the source of which the Americans called vapes. Several cases of the disease were fatal.

    Then a doctor from Taiwan warned the United States that the cause of pneumonia could be a coronavirus, but no one listened to him.

    In addition, Romanoff notes that just before the outbreak, the United States for some reason closed its main military biolaboratory in Fort Detrick.

    Earlier, other experts also reported that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory and specifically spread in China. According to economist Sergei Glazyev, the pandemic is part of a hybrid war waged by the United States.

    On the air of the program "Constantinople. Main" the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences shared his arguments with the host Yuri Pronko. In his opinion, it is enough to take separately each chain of events taking place now in order to understand the main thing - everything is man-made, starting with the coronavirus.

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