Coronavirus: "Origins of the pandemic: why should we refrain from overwhelming China? "

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    The consensus was that the Covid-19 pandemic had started in China, in the market of a large industrial megalopolis called Wuhan. Until three scientific studies question this hypothesis.

    As the tests become generalized across the world, more and more data are available for so-called “phylogenetic” analyzes, which make it possible to reconstruct the temporal evolution of Covid-19 within human populations by analyzing mutations that gradually appear in its genome. In a way, this involves reconstructing the genealogical tree of the virus a posteriori, on the basis of the principle that each new mutation constitutes a new clearly identifiable “branch”.
    However, these new analyzes suggest that the scenario is probably not as simple as it seemed at first glance, and that it is premature to put the moral burden of the epidemic on the shoulders of China. (…)
    While the consensus lasted for almost three months, it is now being undermined by several phylogenetic studies which suggest that the viral strain that has spread to Wuhan is not the original source of the virus, or that it represents only one possible source among others.,97796


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